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Quick and clean Trailtech install, DIY picture tutorial


I am not as advanced as some of the wrenchers here on ThumperTalk, BUT the things i CAN do, i figure i will share, just in case anyone finds them useful.

Trailtech was nice enough to service my broken computer free of charge, just got it back today...and its going on a new bike. This is a rundown of the install..

First remove the protective plastic guard, and Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the caliper. The upper bolt in the pic has been loosened to illustrate.


Also, one of the rotor hex bolts needs to be removed, and replaced with the magnetic bolt included in the kit. (sorry no pics)

Now, take the magnetic sensor and use it as a template to mark the spot on the caliper to drill a 1/8 inch hole.


Center punch your mark, and drill. Use something like a bike stand to rest the caliper on while you drill, because it will not reach the ground with the brake line attached.


Use the provided "self-tapping" screw to attach the magnetic sensor to the caliper.


Re-install your caliper, and tighten the bolts to spec torque.

Run the computer cable along with your brake line, and tighten in into the pinch holders. Add a zip tie to keep the cable away from the rotor.


Re-install your plastic protector and route your cable along with your brake line. Add a few zip ties to keep them from slapping around.


Now here i have used my stock ODO mount, turned upside down...I drilled holes to mount the Trailtech base, and bolted it back in stock location. Must remove your headlight shroud for this part.


Mount the computer in the base, and again, ties added to keep the cables from slapping around.


The headlight shroud is re-mounted. The stock ODO mount can be flexed up and down slightly, to optimize the viewing position of the computer. here i am bending it toward me, for a nice, glare free view.


Now we mark the front tire, and mark the ground. Sit on the bike (for a more accurate reading) and roll one revolution of the front tire, marking the ground again. We then measure the distance between the two points in inches.


This number is multiplied by 25.4 to attain the distance in mm, and this value is entered into the computer following the directions in the quick start guide.

And that's that!!!!

Thanks for watching!

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