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Redrawn Honda XR650L Wiring Diagram


I bought a 1995 XR650L a couple weeks ago, and after seeing the wiring diagrams that were available online, I decided to create a more user-friendly version. If you see any errors, let me know.

FYI, I will update this graphic as I make edits.






Wiring Diagram.png

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Note - Once I get this finalized (I've already made a few minor changes since I put this up), I'll post it as a high-resolution 11x17 pdf (assuming that's allowed on this system).

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Looks great!

The isolated diode near the neutral switch might need reversing.

Safeties isolated in a simplified schematic-



Edited by XR650L_Dave
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Thanks for drawing that.  I don't know why the manufacturers can't generate a color version like that.  Much harder to make mistakes on wire colors than when trying to distinguish Bk from Bl from Br.

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