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Sad news about Jim Schneider (Swiss)



Good Morning/Day Fellow TT Readers/Posters

I have found the TT forum maybe in 2011ish? I was so excited to find this site had categories for all types of Dirt bikes, but it's name made reference, to/for me, about being a site for "4 stroke dirt bikes" by just it's name "Thumper Talk". I don't know if that is accurate or not? 

I couldn't believe my eyes of the "Technological wonder" I had stumbled upon (actually TT was referred to me by another rider IIRC). I couldn't believe there was even a forum dedicated to Vintage Bikes like the ones I ride. I made some posts early on, about a Frankenbike (Primarily motor/chassis, then frame upgrades) I have been developing & riding for years. After explaining what this bike was I got a few posts that bagged on the bike and information I was posting about it. After getting razzed about my bike's description, this caused me to stop visiting TT for a number of years, interacting w/ site information and of course no more posting. 

So, to get to my Point, I started trying to help others with informational posts more so, than the  very "Hyped up NEWS up topics at hand for the present day". In this effort, this TT member & frequent Poster's name kept popping up in topics of research. 

SWISS aka Jim Schneider. He always had lots of great helpful information to share on the subject at hand. He seamed to be a much bigger authority on "Thumpers" than I was/am/or ever will be. The information he shared was not only very informative, accurate, but sometimes, seemed unbelievable, but NO DOUBT truthful! 

Fast forward to Today 10-22-2021, I was researching the Bill Bell built XL Competition Racers and ran across SWISS's comments on Dirtrider.net about the Modified Big Bore XL subject matter I am researching. LOW and behold to find the above message sent out in 2014. This has made me think about past posters information they have shared concerning their knowledge or involvement with said subject matter.

I will truly miss the chance to interact with his vast knowledge and Life experiences through his attendance in the "School of Hard Knocks". Unfortunately my chances to have passed me by & what knowledge I learn from SWISS will only be what the fortunate others have learned from his un-selfish acts of sharing his life experiences and vast notebook of notes from the Lifelong School of Hard Knocks.

I think we TT member community should come up with some way to collect these posts in a "notebook of Bike model relevance subject matter" as a form of commemoration to that passed posters history of knowledge shared with others. Those searching subject matter on this forum could be made aware of this lost poster and their contributions in the subject matter.

Could you imagine the interesting forum created from just SWISS's posts? It would range from helpful information, to actual life experiences on potential information research. Not to mention the pictures of bikes posted. I find many old posts pictures seem to disappear or become unavailable many times.  


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So far, this is what I have gathered about Swiss's Posts and Interactions w/ others concerning Technical data that comes up, and past historical information of relevance to the Performance XL-250/350 modifications made by Bill Bell and those involved with these bikes. Or, for any knowledge information about modifications to these older 72'-78' engines in any frame/suspension package.

I have also found links to his Personal site through XLint Performance - Important XL Links , But it, along with many others do not work, for his personal offerings and site.


While trying to research a prospective Bill Bell XL440 purchase I have run across these Posts and replies between SWISS and OL'89r a TT Member/Moderator(?).

Per Jim Schneider aka SWISS on 10-16-2002, Swiss posting as a Member, Novice · 71

Last seen: Nov 14, 2013


"Bell also used the 2740 Megacycle cams in the bigger motors, and MAY have used some of the bigger 2760/90 cams in specialty engines. The "Bill Bell" article that was done on the XL engines in the '70s showed the -40 as being the most radical cam recommended, but the -60 and -90 cams were developed later than the smaller -40. Bell did a lot of development work on these early heads with an old Offy expert, and worked closely with Jerry Branch of Branch Flowmetrics for his port designs.
And it is Maely, not Mailey. The Shoe Man!
As Ol'89r said, Bill Bell died a number of years ago. He left the Honda shop (Long Beach Honda) VERY shortly after the nice article was written about him and his XL Hondas, and went to manage the Yamaha MX Racing Team where his son Mike Bell was a Factory MX rider. He MIGHT have been the Rob Muzzy of the '70s if he had not died."

Response from Ol'89r, a Member = Moderator

Joined: Jan 27, 2000  Messages: 6,959  Likes: 42  Points: 48; Last seen: Apr 16, 2020


"You Sir are also correct.
The reason that I know this is because I was employed by Long Beach Honda Racing during that period in time doing R&D on the thumper motors.

And yes, we did use the Megacycle cam in some of the engines. Mostly the 2740 with the needle bearing configuration. As you may know, the XL heads did not have removable cam bearings. The cams ran in an aluminum journal that was part of the head. When they ran low on oil the cams would seize on the journal and destroy the heads.

Megacycle came out with a needle bearing cam that with a little machine work would fit in a damaged head. We did use a lot of those. Megacycle makes a great cam. I ran a 2740 in my own XL350/410 motor in a C&J frame. I have some photos of that bike that I will post if I can ever figure out how to. :confused:

The cam we used for the standard production engines was the Web cam.
The other guy in the shop was Herb Litch. Herb ran the machine shop and did the stroker cranks.

A lot of the things that we played with in those days are just now coming out in factory production engines. It was great to be a part of that and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to work along side of guys like that."


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