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Safety Wire Your Spokes


Lightly safety wire spokes where they cross over each other. This way if one should happen to break after an impact it will not flail about the hub and disc.

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    • By JVP
      Has anyone used this TUbliss Tubeless Core Tire System?
      I wondering how good this could be. Here is a U-Tube:
    • By Ci Bol
      Hello everybody.
      So here is the thing, i just bought a beta 450 2014 but i want to change it to SM. The problem is that i don't have much money and i only want to buy the rims cut my spokes and thats it.
      The question is, what rims in the market will fit, how to know about the angle spokes? 
      please help

    • By Wes Watson
      '06 CRF450r here.  I have a rear Talon hub with excel rim.  Bought the bike about 18 months ago and since day 1 have noticed a very slight side to side play in the rear wheel.   If i grab the highest point and lowest point of the wheel with bike on stand and shake the wheel back and forth I get about a millimeter of play.
      I've had wheel bearings replaced twice, by two different mechanics.  Spokes are tight.  Everything seems like it is the way it's supposed to be but no matter what, the play still exists.  It has never gotten better, never gotten worse.  I've owned several bikes in my life and have NEVER experienced wheel play before; then again I've always ran OEM hubs only.  Ideas/thoughts?
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      i have an 07 ttr 230 and i bought it with a bent back rim and 4 missing spokes, but runs great in amazing condition. just wanting to know is it worth getting a new back rim if the next one will do the same? and i know theyre not really for jumping but i only weigh 130 so would i still ruin a new rim? is there another compatible rim? thanks in advance
    • By WolfNman
      Hello all,
      I am hoping that someone might be able to give me some dimensions on a Behr Germany Supermoto wheel. It came off a 520SX. The part number on it is H2-10225-05.03-E-DOT-D
      The dimension I am looking for is the difference between the disc brake and the rim. I need this dimension to figure out how the hub is centered in the rim and how offset it may be from BEHR. I'm using this wheel in a custom application and so I am having a local wheel builder put it together. Trouble is I just took the wheel apart to save him the hassle and myself the money and now he would like the original dimension for a starting point. DOH! I know, noob mistake. If anyone can help me out I would so greatly appreciate it.