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Seat Cover Install


Here's what you need.

1. Small flat blade screwdriver

2. Needle nose pliers

3. Staple gun and staples 1/4 or 3/8 will work

**Buy or rent an electric stapler**

3. Hair dryer

**Not required but it helps**


Clean you seat, just don't get it too wet (foam will swell)


Check fit to make sure you have the right cover before taking off the old one!


Remove staples


Check your foam for damage, repair with contact cement


Start with the top (tank) area of seat, put in a couple of staples


Work your way down the sides pulling tight and stapling, if you have a few wrinkles, remove the staples in that area and smooth out. This is where a hair dry comes in handy. Warm up the seat cover, stretch it into place, and staple it. As it cools, the material will shrink making for a nice tight fit.

***be careful not to heat it up so much you melt the plastic***


When you get most of the way done put the seat on the bike and check fit, the tank may pull or push the seat and cause a wrinkle


Hear again, remove a few staples and stretch and re-staple

When you done you should not be able to pinch up the cover


Install seat, it should look smooth and tight


Now go Ride !

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    • By Markus_123
      Hi there!
      I wanna put some new valves in my old training bike - 2010 CRF250R.
      My main question is, what parts I should buy - what parts I should replace?
      FASTHEADS offers a rebuild, were they use the follwing parts:
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      So yesterday i was a little bored and had to rebuild the spedo/headlight unit on my bike, and as the liquid nails was drying i saw the stock seat in a box off to the side. being 5'6" and 135# i know i'd almost never use it opposed to my gel seat, so i decided to "shave off some foam.
      Anyone who was wondering about doing this mod and worrying about it coming out bad, dont, i took 20 mins with a razor and a stapler and had it done in no time:
      well hee it is stock and before i got to hacking

      And i tried to pull out some staples, but i really didnt wanna fuss with that. and i figured since ill be taking out material that would yield more seat-cover-overlap, so i'd have plenty to staple if i just cut it off:

      once the seat cover was off i roughly sketched a 2-2 1/2 mark as to how deep i'd go. i then made a cut out to the back and one up towaeds the tank tapering until it evened out with the stock seat. i tried to peel and cut, peel and cut for about a minute, but well that way sucked and wasnt very efficent, so i started to just cut straight down to my depth line in 1-2" segments and then would just cut that piece out and so on the whole way down:

      I continued until it was done... crappy but done. i was going to try to smooth it out, but taking small chuncks out of there with a dull razor is not easy. you just rip it. so since i wasnt gunna use the seat anyway i decided to go ahead and cover it. to cover it i put one staple on each end in the center to ensure i didnt put it on crooked. then i did 3 or 2 staples towards the center from one side to the other. with 2 inches of foam missing from the middle you really have to pull hard to suck it down. i finally got it done, and notcied that i shoulda smoothed out where the cut part meets the stock part, but oh well, i'd be easy to re-do. anyway i dont think its too bad for a short guy and 20 minutes...
      oh and be sure when you staple it back down you push real hard and squarely with your stapler or it wont work.... pull fabrick, hold it in place with stapler, and squeeze if you try to hold tension with your hand and staple behind it, it usually dosent work out too well
      and yes there is about a 1/2 inch gap between the seat and fabric in the middle of the bend...

    • By Jayrod1318
      Just won a complete oem seat on ebay I plan on modifying for better comfort.
      I checked out this site
      Lots of great ideas on foam use and layering.
      Anyone have any tips and suggestions?
      Also what can I expect to pay for a custom stitched cover? Or what have you paid to have this done?
      What are some common items that can be used for foam? All I can find on the weekends is cushion foam. I can't get to an upholstery shop during the week. I will be able to use some of the foam from the ebay seat and I have some re-bond carpet foam and a 1/2'' memory foam mat I found at WALLY WORLD. Haven't decided if I'm going to use the memory foam for a top sheet/cover.