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Spare Master Link


If you put a extra master link on a spot on your bike it can save you a lot of trouble out on the trail. I like to put mine around the rear brake rod , but anywere will do. :ride::ride:

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    • By ttr125rider05
      hey guys does anyone no how tall and wide the bbr chain guide be because im going to build one in metal shop its just cheaper to make one then pay the 60 bucks:thumbsup: for one so if anyone has one can they measure the height and how wide it is and how far the bolt to the other bolt is if u guys could help me out this would be great:worthy: oh and its for a ttr125 thanks a lot
    • By Matt Tiede
      We just got this email from Renthal:
      "Hey Brian,
      Would it be possible for you to post a sticky under the Yamaha Dual Sport
      forum about this bike and the sprocket fitment? We have been getting many
      calls regarding this and I figured this would help the members out.
      We just received all the OEM parts from Yamaha and can confirm the front
      sprocket is the same as the YZ/WR250F from 01-08 and the though the rear
      sprocket has different fixing holes, it is the same dimensions as the
      current YZ/WR250/450''s. If you want to mount up a YZ sprocket to this bike,
      all you have to do is buy the tapered YZ sprocket bolts since the stock
      sprocket uses a non tapered bolt.
      Brad Cameron
      Renthal Ltd."
      We hope you find this information helpful. We can gladly set you up with the right sprockets, front or rear, steel or aluminum.
      Please check out our sprockets here:
      Here are some choices for tapered style sprocket bolts:

    • By Angliagasser
      I like riding tight trails. But right now my 08 450EXC-R has 15 tooth front sprocket and 45 tooth rear sprocket. It is just to high geared for tight trails on the westside of Washigton. Heck, doing 50 mph on the road it lugs a little in 5th gear and you can not even use 6th doing 50 mph. Just wondering what other people with these bikes are using for sprockets for the trails?.
    • By NordieBoy
      Also posted on AdvRider.
      Anyone who has had a DR650 gearbox let go can you tell me...
      1. Year of bike.
      2. Mileage.
      Just trying to see if there's anything in common or something that can be done to prevent this happening to anyone else.
      So far:
      2001 60,000km
      2001 55,000km
    • By digarcia1987
      I ride a 50/50 mix of mx tracks and WORCS like course I have set up near my house. The WORCS course is near a riverbed with very course sand but I mostly ride on the dirt. I want a chain with the least amount of rolling resistance but still reliable. I am considering a Sidewinger Ti II chain but I havent found any in depth reviews on the chain. Will the Sidewinder 16,000 tensile strength 520 chain without oring hold up equal or better than a quality oring? IM pretty sure I have narrowed it down to the DID VM Xring or the Sidewinder but cant decide. any other options are welcome.