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The Real Dubya USA- The One You Know, but Don't Know


The Real Dubya USA- The One You Know, But Don't Know  

Family Owned. Family Run. A family that is motorcycles to the bone and have been that way their whole life. That's who John & Kristin Anderson of Dubya USA are. John Anderson worked for White Brothers Cycle Specialties for over 20 years with various responsibilities, his primary focus was Managing the Race Teams & supported riders. Kristin (White) Anderson, daughter of The Tom White from White Brothers Racing, has been involved in every aspect of motorcycles and the demands of racing since she was young. The two now run Dubya USA, named after the first letter 'W' of the historic White family name.


John & Kristin Anderson

You might know Dubya for their sharp wheelsets on teams like Rocky Mtn MC/ATV KTM, Red Bull Factory Racing KTM, Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna, JGR Suzuki, Star Racing Yamaha, Monster Energy Factory Yamaha, etc. What you might not know is the same care, attention & components that go into those teams' wheels goes into all Dubya wheels. It all started with a simple idea: build the best wheels with the best components. Whether that is using your stock hub and lacing up new rims, a custom wheel set, or a vintage restoration - they strive to do the same thing - build the best wheels they can.


The knowledge & knowhow was no problem as John had been building race spec wheels for over 20 years at White Bros Racing. But they still needed the components to put it all together and get rolling. When White Brothers sold in 2008, Talon Engineering, widely regarded as some of the best hubs, lost their US distribution. John & Kristin were able to re-establish this through Dubya in 2011 and negotiated for exclusive distribution of Talon Hubs in the States. Soon after they also secured the Kite line of products exclusively, as well.

Talon Engineering, out of England, has been producing high quality machined hubs for over 40 years. They have over 100 World Championships on their products and 75 current Champions riding on their product. With over 75,000 sprockets in stock at all times for a variety of machines & distribution to more than 35 countries, they have earned their reputation as some of the best machined moto parts money can buy. It's the little things that give Talon their legendary name. For example, Talon uses 36-hole hub construction as opposed to 32-hole used by others. All Talon hubs use a ‘3-cross’ lacing pattern translating to superior strength over other methods.


Since then, Dubya USA has earned a reputation for building the high-tech race wheels for today's fastest riders. But I am writing this to tell you they do so much more. From just getting your practice wheels refreshed with new rims to complete vintage wheel restoration- Dubya does it. They even have you covered on the larger, adventure bike dual-disc wheels.


Dubya completes all projects in 1-3 days

Getting a pair of wheels refreshed with new rims is one of their most popular services. I would bet it is because of how simple they make the process. There is a lot of communication from Dubya, nothing sits for weeks, and you know exactly what's going on & how much it'll cost up front. They have all projects finished in 3 business days, some projects sooner. Their goal is to do top-shelf work fast, so they earn your repeat business and you tell your friends. Apparently it is working as Dubya has seen steady, year over year growth.  


Find out more here

Thinking about a custom wheel set but not sure how it will look? The idea is in your head but you need to see it? Their custom wheel builder tool is great for this dilemma. Believe me, I know, this is where I started.


Check out what your idea looks like here

Choose your bike color and start mixing and matching. You can select all the customizations they offer in whatever combinations you want and the tool will show you the MSRP in real time. This is great for comparing cost options and making those hard decisions on which spoke color looks better; the black or silver.

Choose from premium components like rims from Excel Takasago or DID Dirt Star, chains from RK or DID, braking systems from Galfer & Motostuff. Regardless of your taste, Dubya has your flavor.

Wheel sets come ready to mount with front disc & rear sprocket hardware, spacers; the works.


One of the coolest services Dubya offers is their Vintage Wheel Restoration.  I think offering this service is a cool tip of the hat to Tom White, Kristin's father. He owned more than 200 Vintage bikes and had them in his own private museum. Tom always made sure the history of bikes was preserved and remembered. Dubya doing this just helps ensure that same vintage preservation be available to all of us.  


Some parts are nearly impossible to find given their age or rarity, so Dubya makes them. All you need is your hub and they will cut, bend & thread spokes onto your choice of rim so you receive your wheel ready to mount. You can do as much or as little with your hub as you like. They can reset the OEM look with a simple wet blast restoration. Or, they can Cerakote them for that extra bit of durability and a super clean look, just pick your finish:


A few Cerakote finish options, one of Dubya's most popular services


Excel Takasago Rims,  Talon Billet Magnesium Hub, Black Bulldog Spokes, Silver nipples on #ThumperTalkTurns20 Bike Build

Dubya USA recently built a set of wheels for a bike build we did for ThumperTalk's 20th Anniversary. The bike is a 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days. I knew I wanted to go with blue rims, but that was about all I knew. All the other color & style options made it hard to visualize a concept and choose it with confidence.

So I sat there on the Dubya Custom Wheel Builder Tool and mixed and matched options for hours. It really is fun. It's easy to send to your riding buds and get their input. I sent at least 10 different options to my buds to get their feedback. The tool really does give you a realistic idea of what the actual wheel will look like. There are tools out there that let you see the wheel build, but they only show the wheel and you can't really picture how the overall scheme will look on the bike. That's what I liked about the tool, getting that complete bike picture.

The build came out great! The blue rims & mag hubs really sets the bike off. I really do enjoy getting to know the people behind the brands. Dubya USA has built a reputation of high value. You get what you pay for sort of thing. They offer a 1-5 year warranty on their wheels (depending on what products) and genuine customer service. I would encourage you to take a close look at Dubya for your wheel needs and see if they don’t do everything they can to earn your business, I bet you’ll be happy you did.

A few more juicy pictures below of the 20th anniversary build


18" Excel rims, Talon Billet hub- mag finish


21" Excel Rim, Talon Billet hub- Mag finish






written by Jon Freehill




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