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Tips on Buying a Used Dirt Bike


Buying a used dirt bike can be a gamble no matter how you approach it, so always make sure that you give your potential new bike a thorough inspection before deciding whether or not you intend to buy it. Faults can be difficult to spot, or easy to miss at a glance - and you don’t want to be discovering them after you’ve handed over your cash, and driven off into the sunset with your new bike.


It’s often a smart idea to bring along someone who has a good understanding of vehicle mechanics with you when you go to your inspection, and don’t forget to ask the bike’s previous owner why they have decided to sell their bike. Consider what kind of riding you will be doing before you head out to buy your bike. There are endurance bikes for trail and bush rides, on and off road bikes, as well as purpose built motorbikes. Make sure you know which is right for you.


Avoid buying a bike that’s too powerful, as you don’t want your lack of control over your own vehicle to slow you down. Check that the rims are straight, and be sure to spin the wheels to ensure that they don’t wobble. Check for dents and cracks, and ensure that all the spokes are adequately tightened. Also ensure that there are no cracks or chips in the bike’s plastic.


Be sure to give the bike a proper inspection. Examine the wheel bearings, excessive arm swing movement, and that the fork seals aren’t leaking. Sit yourself astride your bike, and test the suspension under your weight to ensure it’s moving freely. Turn the handlebars back and forwards to ensure they have a full range of available movement. Check the handlebars to ensure they’re straight, double check the foot controls and footpegs for damage, and for bends, and don’t forget to look over the radiator coolant to make sure it’s blue or green.


Finally, start the bike, and see how difficult it is to start up. If everything seems to be in check, then you might have just found yourself a great deal on a well-maintained bike! Before you take your bike out for a spin, make sure that you have protective motocross gear to keep you from injury.



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