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Toe Plate Fix for Boots


If you have boots with metal toe plates, the staples that hold them on sometimes work their way out after enough hard miles. Here is a cheap fix that I did to a pair of Tech 8’s:

Replace the staples with some #4 pan head phillips sheet metal screws. Make sure they are long enough to get a good bite, but short enough so that they won’t poke through the bottom of the sole – I used 5/8” long. My Tech 8’s required 10 screws for each toe plate, which set me back a whopping $2.15 at the local Home Depot. If you want to get fancy you can buy stainless screws for a few bucks more.

The holes in the toe plates need to be opened up slightly with a hand drill (.113” bit) to accept the #4 screws. A #2 screw would probably work and save you from having to drill the holes, but Home Depot does not carry anything smaller than #4 in this screw style.

When installing the screws, get a good bite by angling them slightly inward, driving them into the meat of the rubbery sole. Stop when the head of the screw just touches the toe plate – do not overtighten. If any of the screws on the bottom of the toe plate are missing, replace them with #4 flat head sheet metal screws.

You will find the screws to be much more resistant to falling out than the staples, and if it does happen, they are easy to replace.

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