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Tool box suggestion


My toolbox list for everyday maintenance and teardowns.

Only some uses mentioned, and tools that I think most new do it yourselfers overlook.

I think everyone that wants to work on there own bikes should have knowledge of the tools that can benefit them in maintaining there bike.

Vernier Calipers - Uses: Brake rotors wear, rough measurement of Piston O.D. while I'm checking rings, Fork height above clamps, so they are both equal, etc.

Feeler gauges - Uses: Piston to bore clearance, ring to ring groove clearance, valves, etc.

Dial indicator with magnetic base and extensions - Uses: Ensure you are on TDC of stroke for static timing, check run out on rims, check if flywheel is running true, etc.

Bore Mics, inside mics, outside mics - Uses: To be able to tell if it's time for a piston replacement.

Flywheel puller - Self-explanatory

Multimeter - Uses: check for grounds, continuity of coils, etc.

Snap ring pliers - Self-Explanatory

Aviation Wire Pliers, and wire - Uses: Keep things from falling off. Aid in clamping fuel lines, Handle grips, etc.

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    • By pat22043
      I'm considering buying a spoke torque wrench. I see they sell for about $90 on up, depending on brand and other voodoo.

      I've used the plink test to identify spokes that are too loose: gently ping a screwdriver against the spoke as you turn the wheel, should go ping at the same tone. But my focus was on having the wheel be true and round, not the torque on any given spoke.
      Are they a useful tool?
    • By horrorfan
      dropped the bike doing a dirt donut,
      Pretty sure I broke a pin on the change drum /gear holder star thing (and 1 week from my Friday the 13th DMV test that I need this bike for)
      but found a pin in the oil pan when I was trying removing the gear changer face plate.
      couldn't remove the plate because I realized you need to get the chain and sprocket out of the way
      since I don't have tools for either of those things I was wondering if I could get away with EITHER removing the sprocket OR the chain ...to save money.
      if not I guess ill just have to buy $400 impact wrench + a $200 master link revet tool. 
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      Does anybody use them, and how well are you able to get them clean, what would you use to clean them, my concern would be the cleaning issue, how would you know you got every bit of debris out of it, thanks