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Tool box suggestion


My toolbox list for everyday maintenance and teardowns.

Only some uses mentioned, and tools that I think most new do it yourselfers overlook.

I think everyone that wants to work on there own bikes should have knowledge of the tools that can benefit them in maintaining there bike.

Vernier Calipers - Uses: Brake rotors wear, rough measurement of Piston O.D. while I'm checking rings, Fork height above clamps, so they are both equal, etc.

Feeler gauges - Uses: Piston to bore clearance, ring to ring groove clearance, valves, etc.

Dial indicator with magnetic base and extensions - Uses: Ensure you are on TDC of stroke for static timing, check run out on rims, check if flywheel is running true, etc.

Bore Mics, inside mics, outside mics - Uses: To be able to tell if it's time for a piston replacement.

Flywheel puller - Self-explanatory

Multimeter - Uses: check for grounds, continuity of coils, etc.

Snap ring pliers - Self-Explanatory

Aviation Wire Pliers, and wire - Uses: Keep things from falling off. Aid in clamping fuel lines, Handle grips, etc.

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      The purpose of this thread is to give a place for CRF250L enthusiasts to hang out and get help when in the shop.
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      If you want to ask something quick or simple, take a break for a cold one or a smoke, this is the place hang out at or post in.
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