Toyhaulers That You'd Give Your Left Nut to Own!


Off-road riding takes dedication, commitment...and money!! Lots of money for motorcycles, fuel, gear, parts, EZ-ups, coolers, emergency room visits, you name most of us buy what we can afford and call it a day. 

But what if you won the lottery? We've all seen the newer generation of "Toy Haulers" and they look amazing - that's what we'd be rolling up in. 

We've decided to take a look at some the best (and expensive) premium toy haulers and give you something to think about. These aren't the "economy" or budget units here, no, these are the best of the best of the badass toy haulers that you would give your left nut to own!  

So let's get beyond the basics and look at what you can get when you have a bank account like a Saudi sheik or US pharmaceutical executive! 

What's inside these luxury toy haulers? We'd want these features at a minimum: 

Amazing motorcycle/quad storage garage area with tool storage, full kitchen with refrigerator, stove and microwave, interior/exterior entertainment systems and restrooms with full sized showers and options like fireplaces, power awnings, on board fueling stations and skylights in the toilets! Let's get started!

Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler

It's an incredible unit that features everything we've mentioned and can be kitted out for even more if your wallet permits like a fireplace and fueling station. Options abound with items like Rockford Fosgate stereo systems, king sized bed upgrades, electric bunks, massaging sofa's and home theater seating. Wow! This wild toy hauler features many different floor plans and various garage lengths up to 18 feet which was the largest we've seen so far. Checkout the pics...





Action Mobil Global XRS 7200

Have a cool $1.1m burning a hole in your pocket? Want to be able to haul your toys almost anywhere? The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 6X6 is right up your alley! This Austrian honey weighs in at a massive 18 tons and is motivated by a 720hp diesel engine. Amenities include satellite TV, washer & dryer, and the best part... a fully integrated hydraulic lift to carry your bike! It even has big, chrome letters in the grill that reads, "MAN". If you're lacking, this unit will make up for it. :smirk:




Cyclone by Heartland

Another amazing hauler, the Cyclone Series features a 13' garage area and sleeps up to 7 people. It has some cool packages and options for the cost is no object buyer including items like dual pane windows, rear electric awning and a 40" outdoor TV! 

Heartland also offers the S5 package and it has even more cool stuff like a second  20 gallon fuel cell, 40" garage TV and massage chairs with USB, we need that after those long days of riding. 




Full House by DRV Suites

Another wild luxury toy hauler, the Full House sleeps 7 and had the exterior graphics we thought really stood out, it's a very cool looking vehicle.  It also features garages up to 13.6' and ultra thick walls and floors, walk-in closets and things like an on-board fuel filling station! 

This hauler had options to suit every taste and bank account including gourmet kitchens, hardwood steps, LED lighting, 55" TV's, rain sensors, keyless entry doors and home theater systems, you name it, it's available, amazing! 




Last but not least is the Seismic by Jayco

Jayco is well-known in the industry and they offer the Seismic which is their luxury toy-hauler offering that sleeps 8.   

This hauler has tons of standard and optional features including heated sofa with massage, Simmons mattresses and a 23 cubic foot refrigerator!  

Want more? How about 50" LED TV's, full speaker systems in garage area, Corian countertops and Bluetooth that luxurious enough? 





In closing, if you have the cash you can buy the flash! These luxury toy-haulers are nicer than some people's homes and can be outfitted with just about anything you want except maybe a swimming pool or helicopter deck. 

Money no object, which toyhauler would you buy ???  :thinking: What feature(s) are really tripping your trigger?  Hit us up in the comments section below... we'd love to hear your thoughts!












User Feedback

On 5/31/2017 at 10:55 AM, Monk said:

Nice payment!!! 

Checkout the additional vehicle we added. Maybe I can get one for you to review? :smirk:

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19 minutes ago, Bryan Bosch said:

Checkout the additional vehicle we added. Maybe I can get one for you to review? :smirk:

See if you can get one of these for me to review... Lol... I'll be gentle... 



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Amazing motorcycle/quad storage garage area

not interested... rather ride the moto than haul it.

A heated garage for snowmobiles, now we're talking. 


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If I had my choice of Toy Hauler and money was sufficiently abundant 

My toy hauler would be a big sail boat and my toys would be a couple of dirt bikes and a bunch of kite surf  gear.

A cook and a massage therapist would also be on the short list!

I'll be hungry and I'll need a massage after all that fun!

I already have kids so they can have my left nut and half of my right nut.

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Living in the Desert, 420sq ft home on 5 acres w/shipping container for myXR650l & Harley. No need to go anywhere! Better yet,..all paid for! Life is good... 

000_0003 (2).JPG

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These are way to big to go anywhere.

It is better to go small like a FS Jeep with a bumper rack.

Go anywhere and able to retrieve your bike if it craps out.

TV?  I want to get away not bring an apartment building with me.

Give me a good tent, a big cooler and Coleman stove.

For showers a couple of 5 gallon jugs will wash off the grime.



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