ULTIMATE DESTINATIONS PART 2: Places To Ride Before You Die!


When we ride off-road motorcycles, we yearn for adventure and adrenaline…sounds corny but its true right? And nothing is cooler than checking out a new riding spot that blows away that same old place you’ve been doing your thing at all these years.


Riding in far-off and unfamiliar places tests your skills and your ability to adapt, which is key to being a good rider. Always testing your limits can provide an adrenaline rush that nothing else can match and that’s why we all ride anyway!


In our first installment of this popular series we looked at riding destinations like Costa Rica, Patagonia and Peru. Now we extend that net to include even more exotic riding hot spots like Thailand, New Zealand, and even Mongolia!


We spoke to a few different tour operators in-between trips and we tried to consolidate their comments into an easy-to-read list of different options so you can compare what’s out there. Always be sure to contact the tour operations directly at the links provided before making any plans in stone.


That said, click to page two to check out these Ultimate Riding Destinations – Places To Ride Before You Die… :ride:






Can you give us a compelling reason to ride in South Africa?


Our experience gained over more than 20 years of operating motorcycle tours is one big reason. This is a small family owned business so you always have guidance from the owners, John…as motorcycle guide and Su…as 4x4 driver/logistics. Our routes take you away from the normal tourist ones, (because they are) part asphalt and part gravel/off-road.


What one or two unique things can you offer that others may not?
There is a dedicated paramedic on tour as well as a GPS on every bike with that day’s route marked as magenta line to follow. We run our adventures quite freely allowing the bikers to space out, follow their own pace and likes, thereby avoiding dust or any feeling of pressure to keep up. Our tours combine asphalt, off-road and gravel and we offer brand new bikes every year, all BMWGS1200 LC’s or BMWGS800’s are available as well.


Is there a particular piece of South African scenery or terrain that can only be had on your outings?
The photos of the first adventure in 2016 (from Cape Town to Victoria Falls) should give readers an idea of what to expect. See photos below.


The Dirty Details:


How much is the cost?


The tour prices for the 17 day adventure in 2017 will be $7075 for riders and a biker place and $5240 for either a motorcycle passenger or 4x4 passengers. Fuel not included plan on about $400 per trip.


What accommodations are supplied?


Riders will stay in top quality African lodges and tented camps.


What is the local currency used?


ZARs, Botswana pula, Namibian dollars and US Dollars are all accepted.


What bikes are used?


Brand new BMW GS1200 LC (GS800 available if preferred)


How long are the tours?


Tours are 17 days long, including day of arrival and departure. There is one day off during the tour.


How many riders per tour?


There are 15 to 20 riders per tour (plus 5 non-bikers and 3 team members).


Where would riders fly in?


Cape Town or Victoria Falls, depending on tour chosen and airport transfers to and from our tour hotels at beginning and ends of tours are included.



Photo: Riding in South Africa


Click on thumbnails for more photos:





Moto-Adventures South Africa for more information





Can you give us a compelling reason to ride in Mongolia?


There’s so much space to ride and very few people have done it before by motorcycle, (so they) take you to places that other tourists never reach. Off The Map believes to do a motorcycle tour in Mongolia without their guidance would take months of organisation and stress…and you still might not get to see the best of Mongolia.


What one or two unique things can Mongolia offer that others may not?


When you’re riding you can often see 50 kilometres (31 miles) in every direction. You’ll see mountains, canyons, volcanos and amazing features, but there are no other tourists. As a bonus the nomadic culture is fascinating and has changed little since the days of Genghis Khan in the 13th century.


Is there a particular piece of Mongolian scenery or terrain that can only be had on your outings?


Some of these tours go to places that are completely off the tourist trail and have never been visited by tourists before such as the Master Rally Tour and trail to the birthplace of Genghis Khan.


The Dirty Details:


How much is the cost?


Three to eight day tours cost approximately $250 to $300 per day (and this includes support vehicles, staff, mechanics, lead rider, accommodation and meals). There is also the bike rental of $130 per day for a KTM450EXC including fuel.


What accommodations are supplied?


Either ger camps – traditional Mongolian yurts with associated restaurant and shower facilities, or on most remote tours camping in Western-style dome tents.


What kind of food is offered?


Mostly European style food and all meals are provided.


What is the local currency used?


Mongolian Tugrik


What bikes are used?


2016-2016 KTM 450EXC’s


How long are the tours?


Three to eight days riding in length.


How many riders per tour?


Four to ten riders per tour.


Where would riders fly in?


Chenggis Khan International airport, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and airport transfers cost approx. $20.



Photo: Riding in Mongolia


Click on thumbnails for more photos:





Off The Map Tours for more information.





What compelling and unique things does Cyprus offer that others may not?


Exclaim Tours has been riding with guests since 2009. Tours are tailored to the experience level of the guests, from Level 1 (never been off road before) to Level 10 and even offer an enduro school for complete beginners.


Cyprus is enduro adventure paradise, with some of the most diverse riding terrain in Europe, accessible directly from their two in the stunning Troodos Mountains. Romaniacs, Hell’s Gate, Erzberg, etc… Cyprus has it all, and from ancient times Cyprus was called the “Island of the Sun” because the sun shines for 340 days a year.


Is there a particular piece of Cyprus scenery or terrain that can only be had on your outings?


In the upper Troodos Mountains there are two Exclaim signature trails. One is the infamous Viper Trail (

) which meanders down a stunning ravine. It has everything an enduro rider could hope for: river crossings, challenging climbs, rocky sections and jumps. The other signature trail is actually a hill climb, called 'K1' (
) - 800 meters of steep loose rocky fire break. Many riders have made it to the top and have not, but keep on coming back for more.


One of the favorite areas is called 'Bikers' Paradise', you can spend all day there as it offers a huge variety of riding terrain, and Exclaim uses it for Enduro School. Level 1 riders learn climbing techniques, and after some encouragement and instruction, the guests are climbing and descending hills that they never would have believed they were capable of.


The Dirty Details:


How much is the cost?


The rate per day is $200, with a 10% Discount for three or more bookings. This price includes use of a vast array of cool bikes like new Beta’s, gear, fuel, two guides/instructors with helmet cams, free music edited video uploaded onto YouTube.


Meals, drinks, medical insurance, courage, broken bike are not included and there is a $100 refundable deposit to cover possible motorcycle damage.


What accommodations are supplied?


Exclaim’s preferred hotel for their guests is the 4 star Mediterranean Beach Hotel in Limassol (Exclaim receives preferential rates for their guests, however cheaper accommodations are available for those on a budget.) The city also offers many bars, cafes, pubs and clubs.


What is the local currency used?


Cyprus is part of the European Union and the local currency used is the Euro.


What bikes are used?


Beta Electronic Oil Injection two-strokes and EFI four-strokes are used and currently Exclaim have two 350 RR 4T, two 250 RR 2T, the Beta XTrainer 2T, as well as a KTM 250 XC-F, a KTM 350 XC-W, and a AJP PR3 200 (for the low seat height).


How long are the tours?


The tours are daily, with six hour days, from 9.30am to 3.30pm


How many riders per tour?


Tours are limited to six riders.


Where would riders fly in?


Cyprus at either Larnaca or Paphos, both less than an hour away.



Photo: Riding in Cyprus


Click on thumbnails for more photos:




Contact for

Exclaim Enduro Tours for more information.





Can you give us a compelling reason to ride in Thailand?


Riders go deep into the jungles and ride through canopy covered bush with
tight single lane trails and what makes riding in Thailand so great (specifically the province of Chonburi Pattaya) is the diversity riders will experience. We take riders through pineapple plantations, tapioca plantations, stopping at beautiful Buddhist temples along the way.


Outside of riding our customers cannot compare the nightlife in Pattaya to anything they have ever seen anywhere in the world and having a few cold beers after a long hard ride takes on a whole new meaning here.


Is there a particular piece of Thai scenery or terrain that can only be had on your outings?


Boulder Mountain is Red Bull worthy…and we also take riders to "F### Me Mountain" - there is an actual sign on the top of the mountain that reads this because it’s how you feel and it’s your first thought after completing it.


The Dirty Details:


How much is the cost?
The costs are $100 for a half day and $150 for a full day and lunch is included.


What accommodations are available?


There is a small resort next door to the shop and the trails are just minutes away from there.


What kind of food is offered?


Thai food (lunch included) is offered and riders can order anything they like including pad thai, chicken/shrimp, fried rice, noodles, soups, etc.


What is the local currency used?


The Thai Bhat is used here.


What bikes are used?


KTM 250 and 350EXC’s and modified Honda CRF250L’s with upgraded Ohlins suspensions front and rear.


How long are the tours?


Half days (three hrs) and full days (six hrs).


How many riders per tour?


Usually two to six riders per tour.


Where would riders fly in?


Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and airport transportation is provided.



Photo: Riding in Thailand


Click on thumbnails for more photos:




Contact for

Xtreme Enduro Thailand for more information.





Can you give us a compelling reason to ride in New Zealand?


New Zealand is a long way from the rest of the world, this has kept the country isolated and all the riding is all on privately owned land.


Is there a particular piece of New Zealand’s scenery or terrain that can only be had on your outings?


South Island is dirtbike paradise and after fifteen years we know all the good places to ride and have an amazing network of private farms and trails we can ride. New Zealand is a rugged country with challenging terrain, then it can rain and we love riding in mud. I personally ride a Suzuki DRZ 250 for guiding as we do have to open and close some farm gates along the way.


We have a selection of tours for all ability riders with coaching very popular with beginner riders. A half day off-road tour is long enough unless you are an experienced rider with the fitness to do a Full Mountain one day off-road tour at Mt Torlesse, Springfield our off-road riding venue.


We often take out one rider for a day tour as then we can select trails to suit the riders’ interest which really gets really exciting if they like to do the Extreme Enduro routes.


If you were thinking of a doing a multi day off-road tour we have set dates operating from January through May. This is definitely the best time of year to travel to New Zealand.


We have a 5 Day Canterbury Trails Tour which is different terrain every day North of Christchurch and a 5 Day McKenzie Country Tour which is high country South of Christchurch in the central South Island based at Lake Tekapo.


The Dirty Details:


How much is the cost?


Prices start at $390 per day. We can provide all riding gear like boots and clothing but if you are doing a multi day tour you might want to bring your own for comfort.


What accommodations are supplied?


Country hotel, motel and exclusive farm stay are supplied.


What kind of food is offered?


European style food.


What is the local currency used?


New Zealand Dollar.


What bikes are used?


Honda, Suzuki and KTM are offered.


How long are the tours?


Half Day to 10 Day tours are offered.


How many riders per tour?


Two to five riders per tour.


Where would riders fly in?


Riders fly into Christchurch, New Zealand.



Photo: Riding in New Zealand


Click on thumbnails for more photos:




Contact for

AdventureTrailrides New Zealand for more information.






What one or two unique things can you offer that others may not?


One of the things that sets AdMo apart is the ability to provide fully customizable and permitted tours (fully legal riding). Would you like to join our prescheduled standard 450mile Los Angles to Las Vegas tour? Great! Would you like to bring your group for a special adventure, add additional days exploring more of the remote highlights of Death Valley or the San Bernardino Mountains? Even better. AdMo has the ability to make this a three, four, five, even a six day tour if you desire. Video highlights of both tours can be found



All tours are with thoughtful selected accommodations, trained guides with satellite communication, a support vehicle nearby and a spare bike in reach. Our tours are adventures for the true rider, being rough during the day but also enjoying a good meal and quality accommodation each night.


Is there a particular piece of scenery or terrain that can only be had on your outings?


We ride remote locations of the Mojave many locals haven’t even seen. Each LA2Vegas tour offers a chance to ride a set of huge dunes and Death Valley is a highlight. Every mine, every spring, every spectacular remote road and viewpoint that lies in Death Valley is up for grabs.


Imagine standing atop Dante's View (5476 ft), gazing down at the Badwater Basin (-282) straight below. Maybe you'll visit Barker Ranch where they finally caught up with Charles Manson. There's Race Track dry lake during our “Where Cars Don’t Dare Tour” where the self-propelled rocks have baffled geologists for decades. Or maybe you'll visit a ghost town along the way?


Wherever your adventure leads you, a chlorine-free spring fed pool, a stunning sunset, and a first class steakhouse awaits you and your guests that evening.


The Dirty Details:


How much is the cost?


A day of tour runs around $900, including just about everything; bikes, accommodations, meals, snacks and refreshments, support vehicle, access to spare bike, guides in a ratio with maximum 5 customers per guide. We charge 25% at the time of reservation and the remaining balance 6 weeks in advance.


What accommodations are supplied?


With regards to the LA2Vegas tour, the accommodations are beyond reproach. Clients are always amazed when we pull up to a lush grassy haven, knowing they are in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Lakes with islands in them, horses roaming the shady grass shores, swimming pools, and a great restaurant await the riders on the first day.


On day two, Furnace Creek in Death Valley is equally impressive. Depending on the length of a custom tour, we have access to beautiful mountain resorts nestled in the towering pine trees of the San Bernardino Mountains and we pick the type of accommodations which you will remember for its beautiful setup, unique location or special service.


What kind of food is offered?


By and large, our food selection is purely American during the LA2Vegas Tours; such as bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy at breakfast, perhaps a cheeseburger, French fries and a Coke for lunch and a steak or bbq ribs with a baked potato for dinner. This is but one example. All eating requirements and dietary needs can be met with no problem.


What is the local currency used?


The US Dollar.


What bikes are used?


KTM 450EXC's and a few Suzuki 400DRZ Dual Sport bikes included with the LA2Vegas tour and the bikes can be rented individually if they are not booked on tours. All our bikes are setup with knobby tires, skid plates, radiator brace, hand guards, etc.


How long are the tours?


The LA2Vegas is a 450 mile plus, 3 day tour. Every day is a full day of riding (6-8hrs). Typically we expect 120 - 185 miles a day, depending on the day’s route and group preference.


How many riders per tour?


Tours start with a minimum of 4 riders and up to maximum of 10. We use a guide client ratio of 1 guide to maximum of 4 riders, so a group of 5 to 8 riders have 2 guides and 9+ riders have 3 guides. This allows us to adjust to different riding styles.


Where would riders fly in?


There are a number of major international airports in the greater Los Angeles area. Ontario International (ONT) is far and away the most convenient to the LA2Vegas tour start. This is a one way tour and the clients need to arrange transportation at the end of tour out of Las Vegas. We are always open to provide recommendations or even setup client transportation from and to Airport or Hotel.



Photo: Riding in Las Vegas


Click on thumbnails for more photos:




Contact for

AdMo Tours for more information.


As presented in this series, there are so many amazing options for getting out, seeing the world, and riding at the same time. Now this is our idea of the perfect vacation!


From the sunny shores and rocky trails of Cyprus to the incredible scenery and culture of Mongolia, to fun and adventure in Las Vegas desert, it’s your world to explore, so see it on two wheels…before you die! The clock is tickin', so what are you waiting for? What places are on you bucket list? Which have you checked off the list? :thinking:


Let us know in the comments section below!

User Feedback

I ride these trails most weekends for the past 12 years.

Average riders will find some places a bit difficult although there are lots of easier trails.

Competent riders will get through everything (most of the time) with a bit of sweat.

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Cambodia also has some great challenging riding. Ridden the trails here for 16 years. Awesome! Great article, love reading about riding adventures around the world.

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    • By Bryan Bosch
      Enduro Announcement

      Red Bull KTM Factory Racing are excited to officially unveil their four-rider line-up for this year’s inaugural World Enduro Super Series. Hard enduro specialists Taddy Blazusiak, and Jonny Walker will be joined by classic enduro experts Josep Garcia and Nathan Watson. FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Cody Webb also joins the team.
      The World Enduro Super Series combines a mix of hard enduro, classic enduro as well as cross-country and beach racing events in a seven-round series run over the course of 2018. WESS offers a new challenge to the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team and will provide a true test of skill, stamina and adaptability. 

      Opening with the Extreme XL Lagares hard enduro in Portugal on May 11-13, each of KTM’s five official riders will bring their own unique skills set to the new series. All hoping to excel in their specialist events, in the races in which they have less experience the focus is very much on rising to new challenges. Only at the climax of the season will the ‘Ultimate Enduro Champion’ be crowned. 

      Multiple world champion Taddy Blazusiak cites the WESS as the main reason for his return to competition. The Erzbergrodeo winner sees the WESS as a stand-out title he’d like to add to his already glowing CV. Taddy narrowly missed out on claiming a seventh world title at the final round of the 2018 SuperEnduro World Championship and is more fired up than ever to win the World Enduro Super Series. 

      Taddy Blazusiak: “I believe the WESS is what enduro needs at the minute to progress as a sport. I am really excited about the championship and I am really looking forward to the start of it. To be honest, I like every single event on the calendar. They are all unique and very special and from the first to the last race I think it is going to be really good fun. Part of the biggest challenge is going from the SuperEnduro series straight into the outdoor races and then having to adapt to all the different styles of events. My ultimate goal is definitely to do all I can to win the World Enduro Super Series, that’s why I am back racing. I really believe I have a shot at it – I am going to do everything I can to make it happen.”

      Experienced hard enduro rider Jonny Walker is another with his eye on the WESS title. The former Erzberg winner is as at home racing on a beach as he is in extreme conditions. An excellent all-rounder, Jonny is highly-motivated ahead of the new championship start.

      Jonny Walker: “I’m really looking forward to the start of the World Enduro Super Series. It’s a new challenge for everybody and should make for some really good racing. To be honest, I’m not looking forward to just one race either, I’m looking forward to the full series. We have Erzberg and Romaniacs, which I have done before, but there’s also a few races like Le Trefle and the Red Bull Knock Out beach race which pose new challenges. I think to win the series, consistency will be key. I have a lot of learning to do, but my goal is to try and win as many races as possible and hopefully be in a good place come the final rounds of the series.”

      2017 Enduro2 World Champion Josep Garcia has spent the off-season focusing on the WESS and the different styles of riding required to excel in the series. Previously Garcia’s training would consist solely of special test enduro and motocross practice, with hard enduro now added to the Spaniard’s calendar Josep has been spending a lot of time on his KTM 300 EXC TPI, to familiarize himself with terrain synonymous with some of the world’s toughest offroad races. 

      Josep Garcia: “The World Enduro Super Series will be a massive new challenge for me. There are a lot of different races, sand races, extreme and classic enduro. It’s going to be a very interesting year. It will be difficult, but my goal is of course to win. I believe that with the right training and if I can gain some knowledge from my more experienced team-mates, I will be in with a chance. I really enjoy the technical riding and I have been putting a lot of work in. It will be interesting to see if it has all paid off come the first race in Portugal.”

      Nathan Watson’s background in motocross and beach racing sees him as one of the favorites to take the win at the final round of the WESS, the Red Bull Knock Out in the Netherlands. Similar to team-mate Garcia, it will be the hard enduros that pose the biggest challenge to the young Brit. Following two years of riding classic enduro Watson knows where his strengths lie and where he needs to concentrate his training. 

      Nathan Watson: “I’m really excited to be a part of the World Enduro Super Series. It’s going to be a big challenge for all of us as it’s made up of so many different types of enduro. I know the extreme races will be tough for me, I have never done one before but I know what to expect. I have been doing a lot of specialist training, so hopefully it will pay off. Of course, the event I’m looking forward to the most is the final round – the Red Bull Knock Out. I love beach races, I have ridden beach races all my life so I am really confident in the sand and it has to be one of my favorite types of terrain. I think the winner of the whole series will be the rider who makes the most of his strengths, while minimizing his losses – hopefully that can be me.” 

      FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Cody Webb recently added the 2018 SuperEnduro World Championship to his 2017 Endurocross title. On form and ready to take on the WESS challenge, the former trials rider is looking forward to contesting the different styles of events but is aware of the size of the task ahead of him. 

      Cody Webb: “The World Enduro Super Series is a whole new thing and I’m really excited to be a part of it. It’s going to be really crazy doing all these different events, you’ve got classic enduro, extreme, beach races – it’s going to really help me branch out and widen my abilities. With the WESS, there are so many different types of riding, but fortunately riding for KTM, I have got a great choice of machinery for all the different disciplines we will ride during the series. For the extreme stuff I think I will be riding the new KTM 300 EXC TPI 2-stroke, but for the classic enduros I will probably stay on the KTM 350 EXC-F. On the beach I think I will be riding the KTM 450 EXC-F – I’m a decent sized guy so I need all the power I can get. I can’t wait to get started and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a chance at taking the title.”

      The first round of the World Enduro Super Series is Extreme XL Lagares, Portugal on May 11-13. 

      Download hi-res images of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team here.

      View the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing official WESS video on YouTube.

      Round 1. Extreme XL Lagares (Portugal) May 11-13 
      Round 2. Erzbergrodeo (Austria) May 31-June 3 
      Round 3. Trefle Lozerien AMV (France) June 8-10 
      Round 4. Red Bull Romaniacs (Romania) July 24-28 
      Round 5. Red Bull 111 Megawatt (Poland) September 8-9 
      Round 6. Gotland Grand National (Sweden) October 26-27 
      Round 7. Red Bull Knock Out (The Netherlands) November 10

      www.ktm.com | media.ktm.com 
      Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

    • By jamracing
      Awesome hard enduro machine, but also fast enough to push your eyeballs back
    • By jen_92_sm
      Hey guys,
      So I picked up a set of DRZ400E rims. I have been looking for ages for a set of these!

      I have an '08 SM model. So luckily these will bolt right on with all the standard DRZ spacers that my SM already has. However, I hear this might require me to interchange my rotor in the front, to a rear SM rotor (front one is way too big for off road according to a few DRZ forums I am part of). The 400SM models front rotor is bolted on though which might make that tricky every time!
      Is anyone riding an SM, who also interchanges to E rims when needed? And what is your setup currently to make the interchange as fast and painless as possible? Including sprocket / chain sizes. I want to be able to change between E and SM standard rims without wanting to Sparta kick my bike over each time!
      PS: On the more social / networking side of things... Subscribe to my new-ish Youtube Channel, JenSM, to watch Cape Town Supermoto adventures (new video is there!). I will also be working on a few other videos that include my Yamaha TDR180 Scrambler rebuild.
      Any other Supermoto Street Legal crews / Supermoto riders / DRZ riders to subscribe to on Youtube, lurking around? Link me to your channels so that I can check your videos out!
    • By OZ DRZ
      Gas Gas is proud to present the new Gas Gas EC/XC, its symbol of renewal. An enduro bike that joins together in one unique formula all the ingredients for maximum reliability, top specs, confidence, versatility, easy to ride and mechanically accessible. 
      This is an innovative bike from its very conception, designed around a central backbone frame. A structural element in combination with new geometry and top quality suspension (Kayaba front and back), giving the new Gas Gas weapon lightness and sensitivity in riding.
      The new Gas Gas EC/XC has been conceived and designed for easy, quick mechanical accessibility, suitable for riders of all levels right across the broad spectrum in the world of enduro, both professional and amateur, thanks to its versatility, power and ease of riding. 
      The new Gas Gas EC/XC has new geometry for a bike with a visibly lighter and narrower shape, only 105 kg, with a greater turn angle.
      The Gas Gas EC/XC 2018 range has a powerful new engine with a new thermodynamic. It is to be manufactured in two capacities (250/300cc), with electric start. It is going to be a delight for riders with even more performance than its two-stroke predecessors.
      The model components feature Kayaba suspension, Magura clutch cylinder, the FMF Powercore 2.1 silencer — manufactured exclusively for Gas Gas — Kehin PWK 38 carburettor, Excel wheels and Metzeler Six Days tyres, as well as the Nissan brake calipers and cylinders and the NG discs.