Yamaha YZ450FX Fuel Line Improvement Mod


Hi guys, i watched what Dave Simon from ktmhusky youtube site did to the Yamaha YZ250FX fuel injector to improve low rpm response, cure the lean out issue, and stop flame outs and stalling at low rpm. Very interesting I thought, so i pulled my 16 YZ450FX apart and checked out the fuel rail and i's exactly the same. It has a sharp as 90 degree bend right on top of the injector and another sharp as 90 bend about 4 inches upstream. Not cool at all.

I have done what Dave did by getting an engineer to make a new straight shot injector top, but I had a 8mm tail with a barb made on mine so That I can use a bit of 8mm fuel injection line to push onto it and use a hose clamp to secure it. Dave made his so he still clips onto the stock 90 degree fuel fitting. I have made mine better than that to get the best possible fuel flow. I found 8mm steel fuel line on an old wreck of a car I have, a z32 300ZX with almost the perfect bends for the job. So, the injector now has a stainless steel top made with a straight up 8mm tail with a barb. The steel fuel line joins there and it goes up and then curls over like an upside down U-shape with nice curved bends (no restrictions). It then turns 90 degrees nicely and goes towards the right side of the bike. From there it curves nicely 90 degrees again and goes towards back of bike with a barb on it joining it to the stock rubber fuel injection line that goes to the tank.

There's about 40 or 50mm clearance between top of injector and the bottom of the airbox, so just enough room to do it. My steel fuel line under the airbox is almost touching, but apart from that, it's an awesome install and i love it. My YZ450FX never stalls now! I was lucky enough to find the right shape fuel line, bending it slightly to make it perfect. Apart from finding a steel line off a car, I'm not sure if an Engineer could fabricate an 8mm steel line to do the job. Because it's a fairly tight upside down U shape that goes to the injector, rubber and braided lines likely won't be suitable. Dave Simon from ktmhusky is onto something big with fixing four-stroke fuel systems. The stalling and flameouts that I experience with my YZ450FX aren't something we have to live with. It wasn't bad, but now it's just perfect in the woods. This is a cheap and awesome mod!

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    • By Hamishw99
      Hey anyone know if the YZ450FX is road registrable and or able to be made road worthy. I don’t really see a problem if it has all the indicators, lights, and maybe the spark arrestor. I live in Australia, Queensland. I want to have the yz fx for off road but I also want to ride it on the road. 
    • By DTM Industries
      My bike has 8.9 hours on it and has only seen desert hard pack , I just put a full FMF 4.1 system on , radiator braces, skid plate, Yamaha cooling fan kit , factory Yamaha tuner ,and some other protective bolt on gear . After all the product install I fired it up and i now noticed the coolant pissing out the over flow hose Immediately while idling warming up “WTF” this makes no sense! Bike is damm near band new is the this a bad  radiator cap ???? There is no way it’s a blown head gasket and I did nothing with the cooling system fluid no flush no nothing! So I ask any of you that have had this issue or heard of this issue happing with any new YZ or WR riders. I’m balfuled with what’s wrong 
      P.S. I put a tune on the bike and then removed the tune after seeing this problem and no change.
      @Jeff @ FPS Racing
    • By aminem
      I know for 2016 yamaha done minor change in the  engine department , so basically the 2016-17 engine is different that 2014-2015 ( although its minor) , some change in chassis department as and triple clamp offset 22mm to 25mm.
      1. which version of their engine they are using on FX !? 
      2. triple clamp is 22mm or 25mm !?
      2.which version of chassis and engine they will use from 2019 (will they use new 2018YZ as the base ? )?.
    • By HSV-DirtRider
      Looking for feedback or reviews from riders on the new YZ450FX. Does anyone have one? How do you like it? How good is the reverse YZ engine? I have heard complaints about the gas tank and air filter access but not sure that is that big of a deal for me.
      What is the consensus on these bikes? Can they compete with a KTM?
    • By jwilson32
      I've noticed that my throttle on my 16' YZ450FX takes a lot more to twist verses my prior KTM or some of my other buddies bikes. When I was at the National last year, Corey McDonald felt it was fairly tight too. He suggested I clean it and see if that helps. I did and it's still tight. Not ridiculously tight, but enough to cause fatigue during a hare scramble (I know... I know, I sound like a wuss! haha). Almost like the return spring is too tight. Is there a fix for this? Anyone else have this issue?