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YZ250 Plastics


1996 thru 2001 YZ125s & 250s share body parts.


Any YZ/YZF front fender up to 2009 will bolt right on.
Cost? Free.
Time? 10 minutes.


A 2006 and up front number plate will fit with this modification:
Cost? Almost Free.
Time? 30 minutes.


A 2002-2010 YZ125/250 gas tank will fit with this modification:
Cost? $5-10.
Time? 1-2 hours.


The 2002-2010 side panels & rear fender will fit with this modification:
Cost? Not much if you do the work yourself (welding required). $1-200 if you hire someone to do the work.
Time? 1-2 days.


These cost estimates do NOT include the cost of parts.


Is it worth it? In my opinion the 1996-2001 YZs are good-looking bikes.
A 2006 & up front number plate and fender help them look a little 'fresher', (and maybe the gas tank swap), but anything more than that is just throwing your time and money away.



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User Feedback

Absolute genius Capt!


I honestly like the looks of the 96-2001 but with the blue frame over white with OEM color plastics. If all white plastics are used, and white/clear oversized tank with a good choice on graphics the bikes would look even sweeter in white. 

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      Sorry for lots of pictures, but is this piston still usable? 

    • By Lone Danger
      Hey all, just acquired a mint '01 yz125. It came with oversized bars, the problem is the handle bar mounts sit into the stock mounts...which are non detachable from the top triple clamp. Its not a big deal but I'm a short guy and the handle bars sit high. I would like to keep the oversize bars and get back to the stock bar height.
      Will any newer yamaha top triple fit on my '01 yz? Or is there a cheaper solution? Thanks guys! I'm sure some of you have ran into this before.
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      Hi All,
      I did have another thread, specifically asking about Jetting changes whether I should go one step at a time...and I've moved on from that, so I've started this one.
      I welcome any assistance please
      Bike details:
      New to me (relativly speaking..I've had it since October, but only put 2 hours on it before I stripped it down. 99 YZ250 PWM38 Carb (tried 50 and 45 pilot. Main:172s. Needle: N3VF, clip 2nd from top). Only thing changed from stock is the pilot and needle position. See bottom of post for stuff I've done. 32:1 mixture. Compression around 180psi. Location:
      Altitude: Around sea level, problaby up to 100m (328ft) as I am only riding at one location (although I am fixing/tuning it at another...but again, not a huge elevation). My GPS says I'm at 80m when I did the below videos. Temperature around here ranges from 10-45 celcius (50-113f). Symptoms:
      It runs 'fine' in general. It doesn't stall easily when under load at slow speed up hill, it doesn't bog much, it has plenty of power. The only reason I am concerned is I read that you should jet the bike, and the process to follow...which isn't working for me. It's also now leaking oil out the powervalve overflow - I didn't notice this before I went to 32:1 (was at 40:1) I tried to do a leak down test, but I am getting a leak from the right side of powervalve, so I guess until that's fixed, I can't see any other leaks (if there are any) using soapy water sprayed around the engine. Videos:
      Please note with my videos, I have added subtitles so you know what I am adjusting. They should come on automatically, but if they don't this is how you turn them on https://www.wikihow.com/Turn-On-YouTube-Subtitles
      My biggest question is: Is my idle right, as this is what I am basing all my concerns on? I am struggling to find the right airscrew position, I am turning it out looking for higher revs as per the forum sticky, but it's more of a surge...is that what I'm looking for? See first video with 50 pilot -
      Someone assisted and suggested that I should start with a leaner pilot, and switch to a 45, so I did that, and I get this
      Now, if that surging is what I am looking for, does this actually mean the bike is lean, so I need to go richer?
      But, if it sounds like something is off, then what is my next step? Crank seals? This was suggested to me by @kxrob and @2 STROKE YZ DOC in another thread. The other thing that YZ Doc suggested, was that the bike should not run with the air screw all the way in...but it does. Does that tell me it must be an air leak?
      Or am I worried about nothing, and should just get on it and ride? Once I get this sorted I need to order new springs...I'm only about double the weight of the recommended weight for stock springs.
      Work/replacement that I've done:
      Disassembled and Cleaned Replace Radvalve boot(had a crack) Set float Changed Pilot from 50 to 45 (KXROB suggestion) Replaced choke/idle screw as it was stripped (then since found out I should have just replaced the carb with a PWK38 instead) Exhaust
      Muffler packing replaced Cleaned exapansion chamber with oven cleaner Frame Etc
      Swing arm and linkage bearings etc Cleaned and regreased steering head stripped and painted frame Other
      Replaced wheel bearings Replaced air filter  
      Thanks in advance!
    • By dank08
      I am selling my 2001 yz426f(As is), I bought it used from private seller back in 2011.  I rarely used it at first, playing around in dirt areas and local OHV trails.  I began using it for bigger trail rides like Gorman in Hungry valley.  I hated the manual decompression. In 2015 I bought Hotcams stage 1 intake and exhaust cams for the auto decompression.  I had Motorcycle Tech in Upland, CA do the install.  They also installed a new Piston Ring and Intake valve.  Have work order paperwork and old parts from the job.  Last big ride was 2017 September, Kennedy Meadows.  Put on new tires before this ride along with fresh oil/filter and new air filter.  Bike ran like a champ and we made it up some some pretty nasty climbs first try 
      Bike has been sitting since then.  I've road it around the block a few different times.  It seems carb float bowl gasket is going bad or just dried up? When I started it today gas was leaking.  After I rode it around the block it no longer leaked.  Will check again tomorrow. 7/13/18
      Kicked over Friday and Sat. bowl was no longer leaking fuel.
      The Hand Grips are new. The front and rear fenders along with radiator shrouds are a year old.  Side # plate cracked as seen in picture.
      Still an awesome ol' powerful bike.
      Negatives are a heavy clutch pull and a grabby clutch.
      Selling because I've replaced it and have no intention of using it anymore.
      Pink in hand.
      I'm asking $2,000 OBO for the bike as is.
      No trades.
      Cash only please.
      Serious inquiries only.
      Thank you.