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YZ250 Plastics


1996 thru 2001 YZ125s & 250s share body parts.


Any YZ/YZF front fender up to 2009 will bolt right on.
Cost? Free.
Time? 10 minutes.


A 2006 and up front number plate will fit with this modification:
Cost? Almost Free.
Time? 30 minutes.


A 2002-2010 YZ125/250 gas tank will fit with this modification:
Cost? $5-10.
Time? 1-2 hours.


The 2002-2010 side panels & rear fender will fit with this modification:
Cost? Not much if you do the work yourself (welding required). $1-200 if you hire someone to do the work.
Time? 1-2 days.


These cost estimates do NOT include the cost of parts.


Is it worth it? In my opinion the 1996-2001 YZs are good-looking bikes.
A 2006 & up front number plate and fender help them look a little 'fresher', (and maybe the gas tank swap), but anything more than that is just throwing your time and money away.

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Absolute genius Capt!


I honestly like the looks of the 96-2001 but with the blue frame over white with OEM color plastics. If all white plastics are used, and white/clear oversized tank with a good choice on graphics the bikes would look even sweeter in white. 

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