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About this blog

This blog will provide the story and background of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebel MX Club and how it got its start and the progressions along the way. Including current up to date events and news about the Rebel MX Club.  

Entries in this blog

UNLV Rebel MX Club

Hello Everyone,

My name is Cody Mao and I am the current founder and President of the Rebel MX Club and I am here to tell you all about my experiences and journeys along the way of starting our current dirt bike club at our college, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.   I graduated high school here in Las Vegas, Nevada at Centennial High School and began my mechanical engineering degree at San Diego State University, an awesomely beautiful school located 15 minutes East from Mission Beach.  Throughout my freshman year of college I struggled to create those life long friendships that everyone creates in college until I met the dudes who founded the SDSU Aztec MX Club.  From the start of the first meeting until the end of my freshman year I got to participate in the founding and establishment of the Aztec MX Club.  Throughout this journey I was able to create life-long friendships with the members of Aztec MX Club. After my freshman year I decided to return to my hometown and attend our local college, UNLV.  

After attending the first couple of semesters at UNLV, I decided that I wanted to participate in the UNLV campus life and find an extracurricular activity to partake in throughout my college career.  After searching around campus, I was inspired by the awesome dudes in the SDSU dirt bike club to start the Rebel MX Club in order to grow the dirt bike community on campus and to create life-long friendships with the students at UNLV.

Stay tuned and I will continue the story about the journey of establishing the club as a Registered Student Organization and finding new members to join the club on campus....... until then keep on braaping


UNLV Rebel MX Club

What is the Rebel MX Club up to today?  We have a lot planned for this upcoming school year and we are excited to tell you about it.  Our purpose is to grow the dirt bike community and that is what we plan to do! In Las Vegas, Nevada, our riding season is from October until March so of course we will be doing lots of riding and camping and having a good time but we also plan to expand the dirt bike community! In the spring of our last school year we held our first ride day where we taught 3 brand new individuals how to ride a dirt bike! We started the students out on a CRF 50 to learn some throttle control and shifting up into the next gears and coming to a stop. Once the students felt more comfortable we moved them on up to a CR 85 or a CR 125 depending on their size.  We put together a short little video of our first ride day on our youtube page if you'd like to go check it out at this link:

For this upcoming Fall semester we have six Learn How to Ride Days planned and we are stoked to teach some new people how to ride a dirt bike but we need the dirt bike community's help!!  Our awesome student government called the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (CSUN) has granted us $1000 to buy a dirt bike to teach our students on.  We are currently searching for a dirt bike to purchase for our club. If you or someone you know is in the surrounding area of Las Vegas, Nevada and have a dirt bike that you would like to sell please let us know! We are also looking for some possible donor bikes that might need a little work that anyone would like to donate to our club.  The more bikes that we have means more students and community members we can have learning.  If there are any vendors or reps out there that would like to sponsor some gear to keep people protected we would greatly appreciate it and would be proud to represent your brand. The same goes for gear as it goes for the dirt bikes, we would greatly appreciate some old donor gear or hand me downs that you would like to donate.  If you would like to help the Rebel MX Club achieve our goals you can contact us on our Facebook Page: UNLV Rebel MX Club or through our email at or leave us a comment in the bottom of our blog! Our general meeting and first ride day will occur on September 6th and 9th. We will post more about the details on our Facebook Page. Anyone is welcome to come, you don't have to be a UNLV Student.  Thanks for reading. We will post an update on our first ride day after it occurs.  Keep on braaaaping.

UNLV Rebel MX Club

I hope you guys haven't given up on our blog yet.  In this entry I'm going to tell you guys about our first meetings and how we decided on the purpose of our club and what we planned to do.  After becoming a Registered Student Organization, our original 6 members started to hold meetings to discuss the purpose of our club and the types of events that we planned to do.  The first goal on the agenda was to get out and do some dirt bike riding but.... there had to be something more to the club than six members going out to the desert and riding dirt bikes, so we set out to create a purpose or otherwise a mission for our club.  After lots of speculation in our first couple of meetings, we decided on the purpose of our club and what the members wanted to get out of being a part of the club.  The decided purpose of the UNLV Rebel MX Club is to grow the Motocross, Supercross, and dirt bike community on campus and to introduce new students to the world of dirt bikes.  Some of the events that we planned to do included: supercross viewing events, weekend ride days, camping trips and attending the supercross events in person.  In addition to these events we decided that we wanted to share our passion for dirt bikes and teach new students how to ride a dirt bike! We'll touch more on how we were going to execute all of these events in later blogs so stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading!! Braaaaaap!


UNLV Rebel MX Club

What's up Everyone?

I am back to continue on the story of our awesome dirt bike club!  In this blog entry I will talk about what it took to get recognized by our university as a Registered Student Organization (RSO). After deciding to start a dirt bike club at UNLV, I started to research what it took to become a club on campus.  The four requirements for becoming an RSO included a total of five enrolled students, a full time staff advisor, completing an application to become an RSO, and attend an RSO mandatory meeting.  At first, completing these four requirements proved to be tougher than it sounds.  The first member I found happened to be a buddy of mine who I had previously ridden dirt bikes with before and was currently a UNLV student.  I also added my girlfriend to the list and she helped out a bunch with the logistics of the club along the way. After including them, I needed two more students to start the club which was the main objective for creating the UNLV Rebel MX Club Facebook page.  Once the Facebook page was created, I began to put up flyers around campus to find students who were interested in the dirt bike club and directed them to our Facebook page.  The flyers and Facebook page generated three more students who are dirt bike enthusiasts and were interested in finding more students to ride with around campus.  One requirement was complete, attending the meeting and filling out the application were easily completed after that.  The last and final requirement included finding an advisor.... After talking to multiple professors, to no avail I could not find an advisor.  I did some digging and realized the advisor did not have to be a professor, just a full time staff employee.  We have a motorsport and power enthusiast who runs our machine shop and I figured he would be the perfect fit to be an advisor for our dirt bike club. He was very inclined to becoming our advisor. At last all of the requirements were complete!!! We finished up the tight ends and we were an official Registered Student Organization and we could finally get this club going.  I'll continue more about our start and how we decided the objectives and purpose of our club in the next entry so don't go away! This is also my first time writing a blog so some feedback would be greatly appreciated.  If there's anything that you would like to know about the club that I missed please let me know in the comments below.


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