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About this blog

 I will be providing everyone tips, that will help better and build confidence on the motorcycle. I raced world-wide in nine ISDE Enduros, six of which were for The Team USA World Trophy Team, earning five gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. He’s a three time national Hare Scramble champion and the winner of over 20 national events;  a multiple District 36 champion, and winner of several GNCC, National Enduro, and OMA races.

Talent as a racer is equal to his deep understanding as a coach and teacher. Whether a first time rider, an experienced racer or a road-rider looking to move to dirt, Brian has the unique ability to quickly assess that person’s unique needs and tailor exercises to get them to the next level. As Brian puts it, “I try to explain it in a way each individual rider can understand. It all comes down to proper riding position. If you understand technique, then safety, speed and self confidence follow”.

Entries in this blog

Garrahan Off-Road Training

Hey ThumperTalkers, checkout my latest off-road motorcycle riding video tip on the proper techniques necessary to navigate rutted corners with speed, control, and confidence. Of course, if you have any questions, hit me up in the comment section below and I'll do my best to answer. Please be patient, I'm at the track and events a lot, but I'll do what I can!

How would you rate your skills in tackling rutted corners? What's giving you the most trouble?


Brian Garrahan


Garrahan Off-Road Training

Check out our latest training video about braking positioning. To ride fast (and safely), you have to be able to slow down properly! :ride:

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If you have any questions about braking techniques, hit me up in the comments section below.

Brian Garrahan