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Bought a 06 KX250F off Kijiji turned out to be a pos. So here's were I'm at engine is in Saskatoon at Year round leisure getting rebuilt should be ready to pick up on Tuesday. Just had the forks redone new Renthal sprockets and chain new chain sliders and rollers. Doing a full chassis detail job and will paint and detail out the motor before reinstalling it. I plan on soon doing a full restoration on my 07 CRF 450R with the new style CRF 450R restyle kit. But here's the 06 $1500 KX250F I should of just left in Nipawin Saskatchewan that pic of it complete is from the day I brought it back. The bike ran great when it was cold but would big down and stall when it was warm let it sit over night would start but would big down and stall when warm turns out the crank was done. I was not happy that guy I got it from got some nasty text's but then I realized the bike ant worth nothing as it sits and I'm just not the guy the previous owner was I just couldn't sleep with myself if I sold it with a bad motor. So only other option was to go through the bike and rebuild it. My lesson learned is now that I'm older and can afford it just buy new from now on.




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07 CRF 450R bog at times / needs throttle to start

So my 07 CRF 450R recently decided it would bog a bit soon as I would come up to a jump. It would bog for couple seconds then all of a sudden the power would come  then when I would down shift to first gear pulling up to my truck it now stalls. I had the valves readjusted by the nearest Honda dealer for $600 three years ago and really only about 80 hours on vavle adjustment and I'm know perfestional rider but I'm decent. Now to get it to start I need to give it a bit of throttle. Typically I jus




Installing rebuilt 06 KX250F motor.

Well reinstalling the rebuilt motor for my 06 KX 250F . It kept bogging down and stalling out then noticed it would lock up when trying to kick it over turns out the bottom end was done. So she's all rebuilt professionally $3000 I learned my lesson im selling all my used bikes this winter and I'm buying new.Then selling them every winter and just buy new 250 and 450 replacements every spring then sell them every winter.That way every year from now on I got something new that I don't have to scre



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