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Mental Power, Part I

Gary Semics


blog-0067027001403789988.jpgYou've heard the saying racing is all in your head. It's even deeper than that, life is all in your head. You've heard the glass half empty, the glass half full, think positive, look at the bright side, have a positive attitude and so on. In order to be happy and successful in anything I believe all these things and even more are true. It's not just the way you think but the way you feel that is most important. Just your thoughts alone are very important because they are the first step in creating what will manifest in your life. But just thoughts alone are like an empty slate. The title is there but there's no substance, no body to the thought without feeling.

First comes thought, then feeling and then manifestation in reality. All these positive thoughts and positive feelings may still be weak without the most powerful thing of all, the power of gratitude and love. When you are grateful and love something, anything, you are tuning into the most powerful thing in existence, even beyond existence. Think about it. Is there a better, stronger emotion you can have other then gratitude and love? The more you think and focus on things you love the happier and more successful you will become. Gratitude and love go hand in hand. You can't have and keep one without having and keeping the other.

We all know there are laws in the universe. The law of gravity, the law of oxygen. If you jump off a cliff you're going to drop. If you stop breathing you will die. There's the law of material objects. If you step in front of a high speed train you won't be here anymore. There's laws of water, light, gases, the sun, speed and on and on. Of course these are things that Mr. Obvious would tell you. Then there are laws that are not so obvious that we use everyday and take for granted. Laws like electricity, radio waves and wireless communication. Science still doesn't understand how electricity or radio waves really exist and work but they can receive data and photos from space, even space probes on Mars. There are far more laws of the universe that modern science is just beginning to uncover. And science is saying the number of these laws are way more then what we know now.

Yes, racing is all in your head. Check back next month as these 5 part Mental Power articles start to relate to motocross in a big way.

This photo is of me and my 2nd bike. I've had a love for motorcycles since age 5. :ride:


Suggesting Reading: http://www.thesecret.tv/

Gary Semics

Motocross Training Professional

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