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Avoid Over-Eating & Drinking on Christmas Day!

Coach Robb



The ONLY way to satisfy appetite is to consume high quality fat and protein. Look it up, research it, Google it, what ever you need to do to validate this physiological fact. When you don't provide your body the necessary amount of fat and protein, you will constantly be hungry. Being in a mode of hunger causes you to act spontaneously to any food that is around you.

If you are on the road, when your blood sugar levels are low and you are hungry, this is what causes you to head through the drive through window for lunch or dinner. If you had some high quality fat and protein in a cooler next to you in your truck or car, you would be able to avoid the dreaded drive through window.

When you are home enjoying time with your friends, family, in-laws, outlaws, etc. snack on fats and protein before you indulge in the sweet goods and alcohol. If you have followed my articles or heard me on DMXS radio, you know that I believe life is too short to not enjoy holiday cookies and home made favorites.

Prior to consuming an adult beverage, sweet goods or white starchy food items (potatoes, bread, etc.), consume some lean protein like beef, chicken, ham and/or raw nuts (avoid peanuts-they are actually high in starch-sugar). Good sources of clean fat are hard cheeses (avoid American cheese), sugar free dressings and extra virgin olive oil.

When you put high quality fat and protein in your gut prior to sugary, starchy food and drinks, you literally decrease the concentration of simple sugar in your gut - think about it as a "mixture". The more you can dilute the sugar with protein and fat, the smaller your blood sugar swings will be. You will also notice that you are not hungry for four to five hours after eating protein and fat, because it is so satisfying to your body.

Finally, snack/eat every two hours whether you are hungry or not, this will keep you from over eating because you have allowed yourself to become so hungry. Click here for some snack suggestions that I created to help you determine what to snack on during the day.

On behalf of myself, my family and staff - Merry Christmas!

-Coach Robb


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