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Have You Ever Hurled at the Starting Gate?




I have never hurled at the starting gate of a race, but that moment before the gate falls is about as electrifying as anything. I am thrilled to be at the starting line of a sweet new adventure...a new ride, so to speak. I would like to invite you along. By joining me in the coming posts, you are going to experience enduro like you have never seen or heard before. We are going to take you to riding spots that have never heard the sound of a motor. We are going to reach altitudes where bikes don't run so well. We are going to explore new trails that have never been explored except on foot. We are going to cover some ground. All of the ruggedness of the Andes of South America, combined with high caliber riders, great bikes, and a pile of stories to share. It's all right here!


Other than MotoMission, no other dirtbikes have been to this place.


The views don't suck! That's a couple of fellas looking up at the BIG mountain while laying low at 15,000 feet.

I look forward to sharing some great material with you. Pictures, vids, stories...Everything enduro! However, I want to take this journey with you. In fact, I would love to hear some of your stories as well. Your best enduro pics...of course! In our world of enduro, I know there are some crazy things that happen. So, for next time, feel free to send me your best pic of your mangled and crashed bikes. I want to see your piles of metal. The totally destroyed bike that you wish hadn't hit the rock. I want to see destruction...send one my way. On that note, you won't want to miss the next issue. The theme: Destruction...and do I have a story to tell.


I think I can buff that out!!! The story will be revealed next issue...Stay tuned.

I invite you to follow along for a bunch of crazy enduro stories, pics, and vids that will make you proud to be part of the club. See you next time!

Keep the wheels down!

To follow this blog, please click http://www.thumpertalk.com/blog/9/entry-126-have-you-ever-hurled-at-the-starting-gate/#or on the "follow blog" button on the upper right of the page. Thanks for following along.

Yeah, I thought I would throw in a little video of a recent ride in Cusco...a little taste of some of the action to come...enjoy!


Scott Englund owns and operates MotoMission Peru, a high end, hard enduro, social enterprise in Cusco, Peru, South America. Dirtbikes and enduro riders are paired together for hard enduro adventures through the Andes of Peru. For more information, check out the official website of MotoMission Peru at www.motomissionperu.com


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Looks like fun Scott. How do I get on the guest list?

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Scott, love the video! Keep it coming. I can wait to read the next post!

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Have You Ever Hurled at the Starting Gate?


No, but one of my old riding buddies pooped his pants at the Mosier Valley MX gate back years ago and rode the whole 250 Expert 45 minute moto.

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