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Eliminate Arm Pump – Part 3 (Establish Optimum Range of Motion & Strength: Shoulders, Chest and Neck

Coach Robb



Here is part three of a six part series of videos to help you eliminate arm pump during riding and racing.

If you watched my Arm Pump video (

if you haven't seen it yet), you understand that my experience with arm pump is associated with bad body position. Specifically, if your center point (i.e. belly button) falls behind the pegs, the only muscles left to hand onto the bike is your forearm muscles.

To keep this from happening, you need to grip and move the bike with every muscle possible to keep the load levels off of your forearms.

This week we will look at the Shoulders, Chest and Neck to help improve your strength and endurance on the motorcycle to maintain the proper body position and keep the load off of your arms and onto bigger and stronger muscles.

Pre-Exercise Foam Rolling

As mentioned in Part 1, please

and implement 5-10 minutes of these lower body foam roller exercises PRIOR to warming up with some low intensity cardio for 10 minutes (Concept 2 rower, Bicycle, Treadmill, Elliptical, etc.).

Shoulders, Chest and Neck Specific Strength Exercises

for a complete list of Shoulders, Chest and Neck specific exercises to choose from.

Choose four (4) exercises per body part: Shoulders, Chest and Neck

Complete 2 to 3 sets and 10-15 Repetitions with 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise.

Cardio Challenge

Complete 3 x 30 seconds of a Military Spiders (

for an instructional Video).

Post Exercise Flexibility

and spend 10 minutes completing two to four exercises specific to your Shoulders, Chest and Neck to improve your flexibility.

Strive to implement this series of exercises three times a week. If you would like to review how we implement strength training with riding and other cross training exercises, please Click Here to reach our Customer Service department and request "Sample Training Overview".

The next article will discuss and breakdown how proper cardio training can improve your body position on the bike keeping your heart rate low and resulting in better endurance and the elimination of arm pump. Until next time, Train Smart, Not Hard!

Yours in sport and health,

-Coach Robb


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