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Coach Robb's Quick Tips: Should you supplement to ride your best?

Coach Robb



I received a phone call from a rider who wanted to know if taking vitamins was going to help him recover from Epstein Barr.


The answer is maybe.


The key to any level of health, wellness and ultimately performance is consistent intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Nutrition is literally that simple. Supplementation is designed to "supplement" your raw food intake - if you are not getting enough, supplement with some extra.


I only recommend that supplementation become part of a riders program when the rider is burning up more of a certain trace mineral or vitamin during riding, racing and cross training. The way I determine if a rider needs additional supplementation is to have a full blood panel drawn and evaluated. Please note, when you receive your blood panel back, the ranges that are denoted as "good" are only a range that represents the absence of disease. Your numbers need to be based on true health and performance! If you don't have a qualified person available to read your blood results, please forward me a copy and I will have it reviewed by a qualified physician who understands the demands of riding and racing.


Please email me if you have any questions or need anything clarified.
-Coach Robb




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Depending on your physician and his or her background (athletic or non-athletic), there are a couple of names that they may be familiar with.  Start by telling that you want a "Full Panel for Athletic Performance", if they are not familiar with this, ask for a "Full Work Up".  If you still get the deer in the headlights look, tell them that you want the test that provides you all blood chemistry variables (hence the name "Full Panel").  You want WBC, RBC, Ferratin, Iron, Creatine, etc.  variables to be evaluated.  


If your doctor doesn't understand, ask around at your local bicycle shops, triathlon or running shops in town. You want to work with doctors that understand that you are serious about your health, wellness and performance. 


Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need anything clarified.

-Coach Robb

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Called a Chem 24 or comprehensive metabolic panel.  The coach above in that paragraph includes a Complete Blood Count.


Not to be argumentative I know a great deal of Physicians that are high level participants in cardio intense endurance sports.

I will tell you these are the ones that really would look at you with the Deer in the Headlights look.  That said I heard a great surgeon/internal medicine

MD tell me the more substance you put in your body the more you tax your metabolic system to process the said substances. From the little things we all have heard I think this is a principal of Aldon as well.


 I did spend 9 years as a neonatal ICU nurse and a interesting question arose from this.  Prove to me this infant was ill, the child may be small but by no means where all these children pathologically ill.  Knowing physicians the way I do the "deer in the headlight look" is not from not understanding your question but what expectation you have that a MD could improve anything.  


Go back to vitamins now.  Vitamins are not shown to improve health but prevent disease.  

If one has no disease measurably, how do you improve metabolic and or gas exchange health? 

Diet, exercise, fluid balance, ect ect ect


All that said a Retic rate or how fast you are producing new red blood cells, a CRP and a Sed Rate which both give indication of inflammatory response

in the body.  I am sure LDL is useful in seeing how hard you worked out along with a few others but all this information could be easily had with a google search.


Clean food clean air clean water no stress and a guy like coach Robb or my go to "Em" for physical trainning

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