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Mental Power, Part V

Gary Semics


blog-0395833001403806680.jpgTo ever get to the point of winning you have to feel gratitude and love for what you are doing. Jeremy McGrath loved to ride and race Supercross. He came from a family that taught him to be grateful. They didn't have a lot of money. I first met Jeremy when he was 16. They were living in Sun Valley CA, a desert community inland from San Diego. The only heat they had in the house was a fire place and it gets cold there in the winter. But this upbringing of being grateful and not having all the common luxuries helped Jeremy become the best Supercross Racer of all time. Jeremy didn't have many distractions. He loved to ride. He could ride from his house and he rode everyday. I've seen him come home from a local race and ride his Supercross track that same afternoon. Why? Because he loved to ride.

When Ryan VIllopoto was 14 Team Green Kawasaki gave him 16 bikes for one year. Ryan would ride 31 days straight, race on the weekend and start practicing again the very next day. Ryan would practice all the way thorough the week including the day before the race. After a month he would take 3 days off, do something fun with his family and repeat the process. How could Ryan ride this much and ride hard unless he loved it? The same goes for Reed, Stewart, Dungey and Canard or any other great rider, they all were grateful for what they had and they loved it. The more grateful you can be and the more you can love what you're doing the happier and more successful you will become. But don't just let this happen by chance. When you learn and practice gratitude and love you can have more then you ever thought possible. Try it, what do you have to loose by at least trying it? I would love to know what you think and what you discover.

Well, I guess it's true, racing is all in your head.

Keeping an attitude of gratitude, Spreading the love, Living the dream...

Gary Semics

Professional Motocross Trainer

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