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Coach Robb's Quick Tip: 3 Simple Tips on When to take Vitamins

Coach Robb



There must be some big sales going on in within the supplement world - my email has been overflowing this week about vitamins! The latest theme seems to be when to take vitamins?


There is no exact science to food and supplementation, but when it comes to maximizing the absorption of your vitamins, I would recommend three simple things:


1. Take with food. Hence the word supplementation, vitamins will interact with your raw/real food and help fill any vitamin or mineral void that you may have in your meal.


2. Avoid drinking too much. If you fill your gut up with water, you simply are diluting the concentration of your vitamins.


3. Take your vitamins at night before bed (unless they create some digestion challenges). In my opinion, when your body has the least amount of demands being put on them, this allows for better absorption and maximum benefit.


Please leave a comment if you have any questions or need anything clarified.
-Coach Robb




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