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Save The Salt

Paul Olesen



I want to switch gears with this post and bring your attention to an issue that is near and dear to myself and many land speed racers. Over the past decade salt mining has caused track conditions at the Bonneville Salt Flats to become worse and worse. Years ago, the salt layer was up to 5 feet thick, today it is less than an inch in some places. Salt mining is partly to blame for the depletion of salt at Bonneville and holding racing events there is becoming extremely hard!


I know not many of you here on TT may participate at, or have ties to Bonneville, but this is great opportunity to band together as powersport enthusiasts and help out those that do. Please help your fellow motorheads by signing the following petition which asks for salt mining to stop at Bonneville. I've signed and hope you do too!


Save the Salt Petition


The salt flats at Bonneville are a special place and it would be unfortunate to not preserve them for future generations. Thanks everyone!





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