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3 Things to Avoid When Peaking for a Race

Coach Robb



1. Getting sick: as you get closer to your race (especially the last week), you need to kick into overdrive your hygiene habits. Wash your hands regularly, keep them covered in anti-bacteria gel, stay hydrated, load up on immunity supporting foods and supplements, use a netty pot two times a day (morning and evening).


2. Too much time: as you taper down your training, your volume should be coming down and your intensity should be going up. As your volume of training time comes down, you are left with a surplus of "idle time". Use this time to sleep, eat or get a massage.


3. Squeezing in one more hard workout: the body will ALWAYS perform better if you come into an event rested and hungry to compete. If you squeeze in one more hard workout (out of doubt and fear), you run the risk of dumping your best potential in training instead of racing.


Yours in sport and health,
-Coach Robb




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