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Step Into My Office





The Andes mountains of South America are my workplace. There is no better area in the world to ride dirtbikes. I have been operating tours and exploring the areas around the city for a number of years, and to no avail, am nowhere near reaching the end of each trail that has been discovered. I build a new list each time I operate a tour. In fact, the last tour included a number of brand new trails that had never been explored. While riding those newly charted routes, gazing across the canyon produced another five or six new trail options. I cannot imagine ever being able to put my tires on all of the potential trails. Don't get me wrong, I will certainly give it a go.


Step into my "office." Its good therapy!


The "Office"


I would consider myself a therapist. My medicine is what many people need. You leave my "office" with a whole new attitude, feeling content, and a renewed passion for the sport. My "office" is inviting. The mountains are enormous. From my house in Cusco at 11,000 feet, I can reach the closest mountain top at 14,300 feet in only 15 minutes. Life is full of ups and downs, but in my office, being in the deepest of valley produces the same enjoyment as the highest peaks. Its all good! I am trying to sound like a therapist here... Ridge to valley and back. Single track for days. You will never see another moto on these routes. That's my office! Is this the type of therapy you need?
A happy customer


If you are interested in a moto-therapy session,come to Peru. Joining MotoMission for an enduro ride will leave you feeling like a new person, This place is incredible. I would love you show you around. Also, keep in mind, that 100% of the proceeds from Motomission go to charity. I don't keep a penny of it. I do this as a volunteer entrepreneur. If you want to hear more about that, stay tuned for future blog posts. I will explain our business model in the future.
Ryan enjoying a good therapy session


Let the video do the talking. This tour just took place about a week ago. This guy was a solid rider. He jumped on and within a short time, he was ripping up the trail with a huge smile on his face. "Best views I have ever seen on a trail" is what Ryan had to say about the experience...therapeutic!


It was a spoiler...How will he ever go back and look at mountains the same way again? How will he ever ride a trail with government restrictions now that he has experienced the freedom that Peru offers? How will he ever be able to share a trail with other riders again? Completely spoiled...my office awaits.
Crossing a 15K foot pass


Make sure to watch the video above, then be sure to schedule an appointment ...


Scott Englund, CLMT(Certified Licensed MotoTherapist)


Scott Englund, along with his family, operates MotoMission Peru, a high end enduro tour operation in Cusco, Peru, South America. He and his family are volunteers who operate businesses that give 100% of the profits to local social projects in the area. They are a dirtbike family doing what they love. For more information about our mission, check out our website at www.motomissionperu.com.

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Might want to ride there. Come here and I will show you "more therapy". (I also write about why this is therapeutic.)

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