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It's for the kids...Come ride the Andes of Peru!




People often ask me about what I do. I find myself explaining the process over and over again. To this point, telling the story hasn't gotten old or boring, it just energizes me and reaffirms my passions and focus. This truly is a motorcycle blog. My goal for this post is to share a business model that uses my favorite hobbie, dirtbikes, to make a difference in the life of a child. Bear with me as I give you the details. You can watch the video and get a full rundown if you are the type that wants the visual, but the business model will certainly inspire those that like that kind of thing.



A commercial about how we combine motos with a great social project


At about 1:30 each afternoon, a gaggle of kids begin to show up at the "club." School has just finished and before they go home, they have a daily appointment with Quintina.
About 13 years ago, the Altivas Canas Children's Project started. Quintina was a single mother with 3 kids at home. She couldn't work outside the home because she had to raise her children. It's a common struggle with single mothers. No different in Peru.



A little video highlighting the mission of Altivas Canas


She found herself waking up each morning dealing with the familial dilemma. However, there is something different about Quintina. She began to develop a way out of her predicament. She started knocking on doors in her neighborhood and found a bunch of other single moms, just like her, that were in the same situation. She came up with the concept of an afterschool program where she would open her home to the neighborhood kids with single moms. The kids would come to her house and before they would return to their respective homes in the evening, Quintina would make sure the kids finish all of their homework, burn out some energy in a healthy and loving environment, and eat a nutritious meal, most likely the only decent food they would eat all day.blogentry-117626-0-33059100-1445372971.jpg
Hangin' with some of my little buddies on the roof of the project
While the kids are off at school in the beginning of the day and at the club in the afternoon, the mothers are free to find full time work. Not only can the mothers earn a living to support their families, they also get the emotional satisfaction and esteem boost of being able to meet the needs of their kids. Quintina put this whole project together. She gets things done...That is why I work with her. I love the grass roots nature of her project. I love her heart and passion for each kid that passes through her doors. I love the humble and meek person that she is to work so hard for so many years just to make a difference in others.
If you want to win, you need to have a good team. I chose Quintina because she is a winner. I am an entrepreneur and business guy. I look at things through the eyes of an investor. I see Quintina as a sound and profitable place to invest resources. She is transparent, works hard, and is a good steward with whatever she has to work with.
MotoMission is a social enterprise that is designed to operate like any business, to provide a product or service to generate a profit. We operate high end dirtbike tours through the Andes of Peru. It's the most incredible place to ride, the trails are endless, and the experience is mind-blowing. We use well maintained professional equipment. We provide an exotic tour just exactly as I would want as a hard core enduro rider.blogentry-117626-0-43357100-1445430637.jpg
Kids working on homework
The platform of the business is to use 100% of the profits to fund an endowment that will pay for the monthly expenses of the children's project indefinitely into the future. Up to a few months ago, my family has been operating another social enterprise called The Meeting Place Cafe restaurant in downtown Cusco, Peru. The cafe has been providing the monthly needs for The Altivas Canas Project for a number of years now. While it sounds like a great program, the restaurant is not sustainable. It could potentially go out of business. Having an endowment is the long term sustainable solution to provide the needed resources 20 or 50 or more years into the future.blogentry-117626-0-26506300-1445430727.jpg
Enjoying a meal with the little ones
MotoMission is at the starting gate of funding the endowment. Through the generosity of many people, the fleet is ready for business. People like Craig at Western Power Sports/Fly Racing have been instrumental in making this business work. The customers that have paid for tours up to this point have all contributed to the mission as well. So many thanks to so many people.
I know this is not a high energy write up about a motorcycle tour in Peru. However, it is a wild motorcycle business adventure. The reason that this blog exists is to tell dirtbike related stories about Peru. If you want to be part of one of our stories, join up with us on a ride. You will see firsthand what I am talking about. The riding is world class. Then, to top it all off, you are contributing to an amazing project that supports the lives of a number of children and single mothers.
Yovana, one of the staff, and her little one at the project


I am going to put it out there that in order to fully fund the endowment, we need to book more tours. If you have ever thought about getting your riding buddies together for that "big" ride, this is it. Also, there are many of you out there with products or gear that we may be able to use. We put our bikes and gear through a lot of abuse. If you have a good connection to a product or gear that we could potentially use, please let me know. This whole business model is a team effort. We would love to have you on team. Follow this blog, share it to your Facebook pages, pass the word. It all helps to expand our reach.
I look forward to joining you on a ride in Peru!
Scott Englund
MotoMission Peru
If you want to see some of our ride videos, check out our Youtube page at MotoMission Peru Dirtbike Adventures. Also visit our website at www.motomissionperu.com to find more information about our tours and mission.

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