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Why you should stretch your legs if your back hurts!

Coach Robb



The Frustrations of Tight Muscles :rant:


I want to encourage all of you (no matter how physically active you are) to get massage work completed at least once a month. If you are physically active, in addition to your monthly massage, you need to complete trigger point and single muscle stretches AFTER every workout.


My oldest son is struggling with back spasms because his quads (front of your thighs) are so tight. Think about this, your quads attach to the top of your pelvis. When your muscles are tight, they "pull" your pelvis forward which over stretches the muscles in your back and hips. So we are manually massaging his quads, foam rolling, trigger point, and stretching them 3x a day.


Since all of these muscles are intertwined together, they pull on one another. Your goal is to release any trigger points (think of these as "Knots" in your muscles) that will allow the muscles to be their normal length allowing for normal range of motion (without pain!).


Massage Therapist: find one that understands your activity level and your dedication to completing the maintenance work (hydrate, trigger point, etc.).


Trigger Point-Stretching: use the link below (tutorial videos) and implement AFTER exercising - when the muscle at it's warmest and receptive to trigger point and single muscle stretches.



Yours in sport and health,


-Coach Robb



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