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Mangos at the Bottom




Tough ride, but the view was worth it
I try to explain the grandeur of the Andes in various forms of writing and I still feel inadequate to accurately describe what these mountains do to my mind. Prospective customers ask all sorts of questions. How will the altitude affect me? or what will the weather be like on the tour? It doesn't really work like that. Predicting the weather here is like taking as stab at who's going to win the Supercross series in 2027.




This is Peru!
When one deals with altitudes like we have here in Peru, all bets are off. The weather system at the bottom of the mountain is one thing. The climate at the top is another. Two valleys over and the same altitude might produce even yet another microclimate. Cloud cover can bring bitter cold temperatures in an instant, while the sun shining on your helmet will nearly cook your skull. As the altitude plays tricks on your body, so does the weather and climate. Is it possibly for summer to be the cold months and winter to have the best weather? Yup! As we say here, "This is Peru!"




The rock was this big!
Valleys of 8,000 feet rise up to 16,000. Growing mangos at the bottom and potatoes at the top. Well, maybe not at the top...nothing grows there! From jungle to treeline and beyond, the landscape of the Andes intrigues.
As for planning a hard enduro adventure in Peru, come prepared for everything under the sun. But then again, isn't that what the term enduro adventure is about? Tackling whatever comes your way and making sure you get to the end of the trail.




Only 4600 meters(that's about 15,300ft)
On a recent tour with a couple of fellas from Europe, we enjoyed it all. Dry to wet, low to high, rocky to smooth, steep to flat. The Andes have it all within minutes. That's why I ride here. If I ever start taking this for granted, somebody punch me!



Here is an idea of what its like to ride in the Andes
Check out some of these pics and videos from past rides. They will give you an idea what Peru is like.
Let us know when you are ready to ride the Andes, If you are interested in joining MotoMission on an enduro adventure in these incredible mountains, send us an email at scott@motomissionperu.com or message me through TT. Feel free to check out our YouTube Channel at MotoMission Peru Dirtbike Adventures and our website at www.motomissionperu.com.


Also, make sure to follow this blog if you want to receive the latest posts. Stay tuned for more and keep the wheels down!

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