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Ain't no stinkin' rules!




I have an upcoming tour in a few days; A guy from southern California coming down for a 4 day hard enduro excursion. This guy sounds like a really good rider. I can feel them out with any number of questions and bike talk. I am not sure what he said that gave me the impression, but I feel pretty confident that he will be able to ride anything I put under his knobbies.


Here is a little promo vid to show you what its like to ride here!


Riding in the back country of Peru affords many a view!


For me, there is also another element. I need to love what I do. I need to be able to enjoy each customer I take into the back country. I need to have excitement in my riding as well. Having an adventurous client is like riding on a new tire; gripping!


I have the route already planned out. Well, sort of. It consists of starting and ending points. However, the options to reach those places are numerous. In fact, there are hundreds of trails that I have not explored. This guy told me that he is down with trying out some new things. He just wants a crazy enduro adventure. The word FREEDOM comes to mind.
Exploring leads you to places like this!


This guy wants to explore. I get so giddy when I have the opportunity to check out new trails. Normally it entails me packing up my gear and heading out alone. There aren't many other riders around or they only have a few hours each week where they can ride. SO, when a customer is willing to explore, I take full advantage. It never disappoints!


Some of you may live in areas where a lot of trail restrictions and government regulations limit your riding options. I have lived that life. However, here in Peru, there ain't no stinkin' rules! Riding here is full of freedom. First of all, there is no dirtbike traffic. I have yet to run across another dirtbiker on the trail. We don't have designated areas to ride. We have a few places where riding is not recommended(by me), but the majority of the landscape is open. Of course we have to respect Mama Nature and not tear up her yard, but it is free to roam. 300 miles in any direction and I can find a perfect mix of any type of riding imaginable. The freedom of dunes, single track mountain riding, gnarly ridges on top of everything, woods, golf course like moto playgrounds , challenging water obstacles, and rock gardens all with a billion views that you might find on the Discovery Channel; that's my backyard.


Needless to say, I am quite excited to go out on my next excursion. Four days of enduro bliss. The freedom of riding with only two people, the thrill of trying out new trails, the exhilaration of coming over the ridge to find a view that begs one to reach for a camera. That's where I will be next week.
First ever dirt bike tracks on this one!


I will give you a ride report on the next blog post. Stay tuned to see how it goes.
Keep the rubber side down!




By the way, if anyone out there in TT land is interested in riding in Peru, give me a ring or send me a message. Motomission Peru is operating as a social enterprise hard enduro tour operation. All the profits go to support the Altivas Canas Children's project on the outskirts of Cusco. When you ride with us, it supports the kids. Round up your buddy's and come down for an adventure!

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Ride all you can there. I live in the coast of Peru and the riding areas are getting lost by leaps

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OK, the trip was a mindblowing ride! I cannot wait to share the pics, vids, and story with you all. Stay tuned for the next post.

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Wow! I checked your site, some of the photos leave me speechless! I'm not into the whole travel to be a general tourist type trip.. But this is a whole other lever of truism! Love it!The wife and I will have to start saving!

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That would be well worth the money imo.

Only wish I had the Mula I would go 4 sure.

Any u guys out there Wana take me with u and pay my way I'm great company. Haha

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