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The Passion of Nachos




My Backyard-an official tour video of MotoMission Peru


I remember when I first became hooked on dirt bikes. It was during a ride with Barry, one of my growin' up buddies. I rode his brothers Honda XR80 as I did my best to keep up. I recall being so far out of my comfort zone and the blood rushing thrill of that first ride. It didn't take long for the moto fire to start burning. In fact, I bought that bike. I paid $100 of which most was lunch money that I had saved by fasting. Ahhh, that feeling of a new passion...



Nacho feeling his inner peace...


And so it was with Nacho, my new moto pal. Just six months ago, he took his first lesson. He told himself that he needed to give dirt bikes a try for five lessons. If he liked it after that, he would give himself permission to buy a new bike.


Nacho bought his bike and the adventure continued. He lives in Lima, the capital of Peru. They have some great riding there, but it does not compare to the majestic routes through the back country of the Andes. Lima is on the coast. They have amazing dunes and coastal mountains, but it ain't no Cusco! There is a big dirt bike community there. Due to a couple of mutual friends, Nacho found out about MotoMission and decided that he wanted to see some of his country that most from Lima never get a chance to see...The Andes in the Cusco region.


It's always exciting to head out on another adventure


We coordinated the dates and the rest of the details. Nacho wanted something fun, but not super extreme. I had just the idea...The Golf Course is what I call it. It's a landscape like dunes, but if you can imagine that the dunes were made of short and smooth grass. Ups and downs, some steep some not. Total freedom to ride without a trail and an area so big you don't do the same line twice. It's a paradise for any dirt bike lover, even the new ones like Nacho.


We rode till our arms were ready to fall off. A million smiles and pictures. Nacho was exposed to another world. His passion reached a whole new realm.
I find it a privilege to douse the moto passion flame of another with a bucket of 98 octane fuel. It thrills me to no end. Every time I go out on a tour, one of my goals is to make sure that each client loves dirt bikes more after being out with MotoMission. It's one of the ways I measure success.


The views never stop


As you all head out on your next ride, I would like to challenge you to make it a point to build up the passions of others. Share some knowledge with a young rider. Stop and help another rider on the trail. Take out different riders with you to your favorite riding spot. Bring new people into the sport. Make it enjoyable for them and you might find another riding buddy in the near future. I can't wait to see where Nacho's passion takes him in the next year!


A happy camper!


If you are interested in taking your passion for adventure to a new level, consider joining me for a mind bending enduro tour through the Andes of Peru. Space is limited, but there are many dates available in the coming months. Message me through Thumpertalk or email me at Scott@motomissionperu.com. I am always looking for another riding partner.
Until next time, stay on the gas!



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