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Getting Recognized...

UNLV Rebel MX Club


What's up Everyone?

I am back to continue on the story of our awesome dirt bike club!  In this blog entry I will talk about what it took to get recognized by our university as a Registered Student Organization (RSO). After deciding to start a dirt bike club at UNLV, I started to research what it took to become a club on campus.  The four requirements for becoming an RSO included a total of five enrolled students, a full time staff advisor, completing an application to become an RSO, and attend an RSO mandatory meeting.  At first, completing these four requirements proved to be tougher than it sounds.  The first member I found happened to be a buddy of mine who I had previously ridden dirt bikes with before and was currently a UNLV student.  I also added my girlfriend to the list and she helped out a bunch with the logistics of the club along the way. After including them, I needed two more students to start the club which was the main objective for creating the UNLV Rebel MX Club Facebook page.  Once the Facebook page was created, I began to put up flyers around campus to find students who were interested in the dirt bike club and directed them to our Facebook page.  The flyers and Facebook page generated three more students who are dirt bike enthusiasts and were interested in finding more students to ride with around campus.  One requirement was complete, attending the meeting and filling out the application were easily completed after that.  The last and final requirement included finding an advisor.... After talking to multiple professors, to no avail I could not find an advisor.  I did some digging and realized the advisor did not have to be a professor, just a full time staff employee.  We have a motorsport and power enthusiast who runs our machine shop and I figured he would be the perfect fit to be an advisor for our dirt bike club. He was very inclined to becoming our advisor. At last all of the requirements were complete!!! We finished up the tight ends and we were an official Registered Student Organization and we could finally get this club going.  I'll continue more about our start and how we decided the objectives and purpose of our club in the next entry so don't go away! This is also my first time writing a blog so some feedback would be greatly appreciated.  If there's anything that you would like to know about the club that I missed please let me know in the comments below.


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Does your school have an SAE Society of Automotive Engineers chapter? If it does you could probably find some members there. In SAE they build and race single seat Baja cars and Formula race cars against other schools. Usually lots of gearheads involved. Good luck, I think its awesome that your pulling a club together.

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Hello @Quadrcr87 ! We do have an SAE Baja chapter at UNLV.  I am also very actively involved with our SAE Baja club so they know all about our dirt bike club. A lot of them actually helped support as I started up the dirt bike club. And thanks! Let us know if you have any interests of starting up your own dirt bike club. 

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