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Discovering the Purpose

UNLV Rebel MX Club


I hope you guys haven't given up on our blog yet.  In this entry I'm going to tell you guys about our first meetings and how we decided on the purpose of our club and what we planned to do.  After becoming a Registered Student Organization, our original 6 members started to hold meetings to discuss the purpose of our club and the types of events that we planned to do.  The first goal on the agenda was to get out and do some dirt bike riding but.... there had to be something more to the club than six members going out to the desert and riding dirt bikes, so we set out to create a purpose or otherwise a mission for our club.  After lots of speculation in our first couple of meetings, we decided on the purpose of our club and what the members wanted to get out of being a part of the club.  The decided purpose of the UNLV Rebel MX Club is to grow the Motocross, Supercross, and dirt bike community on campus and to introduce new students to the world of dirt bikes.  Some of the events that we planned to do included: supercross viewing events, weekend ride days, camping trips and attending the supercross events in person.  In addition to these events we decided that we wanted to share our passion for dirt bikes and teach new students how to ride a dirt bike! We'll touch more on how we were going to execute all of these events in later blogs so stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading!! Braaaaaap!



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