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Where to Next?

Scott Meshey 141


Hello ThumperTalk readers! Been some time since my last post. After Loretta’s some take a small break, which is good for the body and for re-evaluating plans going forward. For me, it’s been a mixture of both.


Things have been calm or the calm before the storm, Hurricane Irma, yet hectic in the Meshey camp. The rush and intensity of getting to Loretta’s is over. Next the new academic year; college starting, sponsorship season renewing, training, and then throw a hurricane in the mix… it’s safe to say that things continued to stay busy for me. However, to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Looking back just a year ago, I was  not cleared to start physically training yet by my doctor, no running or working out, no riding or bikes, and unclear when I was going to be able to race again and questioning if I would regain my standing within the racing community (don’t mess with the flu, kids). I knew I had the ability, but how long was this going to take get up to speed from my last national gate drop in 2015. It does not happen over-night and learning to be patient, can be hard when you breathe racing. I am pleased with my progress and recognize that you have to be grateful and appreciative of your own evolution, it’s not about where everyone else is…it’s about you and your efforts.


Loretta Lynn's Amateur Motocross National 2017

Some really cool things have happened in the months of August/September, lots of new opportunities. One of those  being the opportunity to write for Wiseco on their Racer Elite piston, so be sure to keep watch on their site or stay tuned to my profile/blog series, I will be posting the link when it is up and running, the product is awesome and the new relationships formed from giving valuable feedback has proven to be not only in the products performance, but those who work within the company, it’s a great group of people and I am thankful for the new avenues to explore. Also, I had the privilege of being EVS’s athlete of the month for September! (Link: http://evs-sports.com/explore/blog/athlets/scott-meshey/ ) Despite my time off, they have stood behind me and continue to do so through the good and the bad. Thanks Brad!! Along with a few new product review opportunities, including the Fly Tri-Pivot levers, Excel/FasterUSA wheel build, Race Tech Engine Services, and the Acerbis X-Seat. I’ll be putting all those products to the test to see how well they hold up, how well they perform, and if they add an edge to your racing program. I will also be adding new video content to my blogs and reviews using the new SENA Prism Tube camera, putting it through the paces to show its capabilities.



So, what are my plans going forward? Balancing college, work and training isn’t exactly the easiest, but where there is a will there is a way, if you want something bad enough you relentlessly pursue every avenue, no matter the obstacles, for those are just challenges to test you, to live to your fullest potential. The focus to continue building through practice and hitting races in my area, along with the Evergood Open  race. I’m looking forward to re-connecting with those who have given me the chances to evolve as a racer, the track looks awesome and good times to be had by all. Mini O’s is the next national and is probably my favorite national of the year, between the atmosphere of the race and the track, it has the feel of a family-oriented event, Thanksgiving and Mini O’s, go together if you are a racer. From there, Arenacross and spring nationals. Thankfully, I have already learned the basics of Arenacross and the process of pro race day and it will allow for a better result and not something that will come as a shock to me as previously. My health, breathing in particular, working with me instead of against me,  Lots of exciting things coming up!


MXGP Amateur Race Day @ WW Ranch, photo by MEPMX

This entry may seem short, but there is always more to come from me! Be sure to stay tuned to the blog series and click/tap the “follow” button to stay updated on any new entries! You can also click the “follow” button on my profile to stay updated with anything I post on ThumperTalk. Thanks for following along, I’ll see you at the races!

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