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Are You Absorbing Your Workouts or Wearing Yourself Out?

Coach Robb


As you capture more and more historical data, you are able to catch any deviations in your body’s ability to adapt to the stress of training.

By consistently tracking your daily resting heart rate you are able to “catch” signs of fatigue, stress and even illness early and adjust your training accordingly to minimize the grip of the virus or stress.

As a general rule of thumb, if your resting heart rate is up 3-5 beats over last week’s average, you need to keep your workouts strictly aerobic (this means NO weight lifting – it is anaerobic) and the duration to less than a hour. If your heart rate is up 6 beats or more over last week’s average, you need to go back to bed (if logistically possible) and use your normal “training time” as “recovery time”.

Use this “recovery time” for eating, stretching and mental development – the non-sweating performance elements of your program. It is always better to give up one or two days of training then to “push through the stress or virus” only to be set back 7-10 days.

Please keep in mind that an elevated heart rate associated with high intensity/volume training is normal and is part of the adaptation process when supported with proper amounts of food & sleep. The key is to evaluate how your body “absorbs” such a workout. By listening to your body and following your bio-feedback (resting heart rate, body weight and quality of sleep) provides you direct feedback that what you are doing (training and recovery wise) is working.

Remember, Work Smart - Not Hard!

-Coach Robb

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