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seatbounce MX Jumping: How to Seat Bounce with Garrahan Off-Road Training

The seat bounce is a fundamental MX jumping technique and in this video I cover how to seat bounce, when, and why. Are you using the seat bounce? How's your technique? Struggling with anything? Hit me up in the comments section below! I'm here to help you improve your riding skills so you can be a more effective racer or simply have more fun & ride more safely.

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Brian Garrahan
Garrahan Off-Road Training


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Really enjoyed this video and will work on seat bouncing next time out.

Thank you and great job!

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14 hours ago, ihavetwonipples said:

so if you ride a KTM you never let your butt touch the seat? Correct?

KTM motorcycles don't really have seats that we're aware of. :lol:

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I'm confused. How come most of the jumpers shown in the video are scrubbing?   Isn't the purpose of a scrub to keep the bike low and reduce distance to get power back to the ground quicker while a seat bounce is to increase distance to possibly clear a bigger gap?

@Garrahan Off-Road Training

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