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The Best Cure for Jetlag



Well, here goes my latest ride…I must say it was one of my favorites. Granted, when I started I was dreading it. I was coming off a knee injury that has kept me off a bike for about three months. In addition, I was arriving from the US to Cusco (11000 ft elevation) on the day the tour started. It was a bit different than a normal tour, as the guys were from the southern part of Peru. In fact, one of the riders was training for the 2019 Dakar that will take place in Peru next January.  The fellas knew I would be arriving and had planned on me not being there for the first day.

Cusco Peru - Home Sweet Home!


I hit the ground in Cusco and started feeling the urge to ride, then decided to go for it. The 20 some odd hours of flight that led up to me gearing up and heading out was tough, but I wanted to ride so bad.

Looks like a commercial for Husqvarna 2-strokes, huh? 

I connected with the fellas and told them I was in and would meet up as soon as I could gear up. They put me in charge of the guiding job as we were in my backyard. I knew exactly what they wanted.



We hit some legendary trails. I got in three of the finest days of hard enduro that one can imagine.


I am gonna let the pictures do the talking. When it was all said and done, we had hit every type of weather from sun to snow, altitudes from 8000ft to almost 16000ft and back all in the same day, got stopped with waist deep snow just 200 yds from the top of the pass, broke a few parts on the bikes, and snapped a million pictures. It was just another reminder as to why I love this sport!

Riding in this place has been a privilege. I have filled my memory bank with some of the most incredible rides, scenery, and experiences that one can imagine. Enjoy the pictures!


On Another Note…

Many of you have been following along with the Never Ride Alone film documentary project that I have been working on over the past few years. I am happy to announce that the film is complete and ready to show. The next step in the process is to enter into the film festival arena before the typical video on demand or DVD sales are available. The reason for this is that most film festivals will not allow you in if you have previously distributed the film. So, just hang in there a bit longer and then it will be available for purchase through various distribution options. Also, if you have not followed the official film page on Facebook, make sure to follow at Never Ride Alone Film. There you will be kept up to speed on the happenings, release dates, and film festival showings. There might just be one in your area. Check out the trailer below to get you excited for the movie.






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Wow....great scenery!  

My bucket list just grew by one more entry, although I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive the 16K altitude.

Thanks for posting.


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