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Doubletake Mirrors and my double "Doh!!!!"



I recently did a trip to Tennessee and Georgia and got to further test my new Doubletake mirrors on pavement, forest service roads and a very small amount of single track.  The mirrors performed admirably.  However, the real test was before I even started on my trip.  The night before my departure from home, I loaded my bike in the back of my Honda Ridgeline.  I wanted to have everything loaded and ready to go.  I also did not want to leave my truck or XR650L outside.  I proceeded to slowly pull into my garage and then got this feeling that I better get out and double check the clearance between the garage door header and my mirrors.  The mirrors had already made contact with the stucco header and pivoted down without damage to the mirrors or perches, with only some minor scratches on the mirror arms.  I was mad at myself for doing such a boneheaded thing, but, it seems I do that type of thing much more often with my chronic sleep deficit.  A short side story.....I had a friend in the military that drove his Ford Explorer into his garage with his mountain bike on the roof rack.  Now that was a bummer!  

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