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Chapter VI: Operational Madness…Bringing Her to Life



In the last post, I went over everything I found during a half-day triage-pass on the project bike. 

It wasn't pretty, but it lined up with about what I expected for this project at my starting price.

So, given my project-approach rules (covered in a previous post), I reviewed each area of the bike and made my decisions on first purchases and first actions to, at least, be ready for a legitimate evaluation ride.  Here is the grocery list as I wrote it in the first post-triage night.

Motor Work

  • Purchased a Wiseco forged piston in stock sizing, then sent it, and the entire top-end, off to Eric Gorr racing for re-plating, repair, power valve service and head-cutting for pump gas.
  • Cleaned and inspected electrics, which will run as-is for now during my first few assessment rides when the top-end is back
  • Purchased an FMF Gnarly Torque pipe along with a TurbineCore-II silencer
  • With bottom-end in spec, I’ll leak-down test the bike as-is, with plans to tear into the motor completely after evaluations


  • Stock rims and spokes usable for evaluation, though I needed to clean up rim inners with a wire wheel to eliminate residue and corrosion caused by use of duct tape in place of real rim strips
  • Replaced rubber with Shinko 505 Cheater & 546 front, plus heavy tubes
  • Will plan on re-lace to new rims, spokes and Tubliss on future phase

Drive & Brakes

  • Primary Drive steel sprockets in 13/51 combo with base O-ring chain for initial testing.
  • Chinese Wave Rotors in Stock Diameter, ordered with sintered-metal pads
  • Caliper & master cylinder internals serviceable…inspected, cleaned & rebuilt
  • Pins showing some wear, but serviceable for evaluation
  • Russell steel-braided brake lines installed front & rear with new crush washers
  • All swingarm & clamp guides/clamps for brake lines needed to be replaced, as nylon had become brittle over the years.  All OEM replacements for those.


  • Tusk 7/8 bar in CR-High bend, with Tusk grips and Tusk grip-levers to start evaluation
  • Replaced clutch and throttle cables
  • Replaced 1997 triple with 1998 unit that had rubber-mounted bar clamps, making for easier future modifications and (hopefully) less hand-shock before additional mods
  • Stock brake pedal used, but replaced tweaked pegs with used set of IMS Pro-Series, and TUSK shift lever


  • All existing bearings serviceable (inspected, cleaned, re-greased)
  • Shock & Spring cleaned, but not opened yet.  All clickers set to full-soft as baseline, with sag to be set on first ride.  Planning on rebuild after assessment
  • Forks cleaned up & all clickers set to full-soft as baseline.  Planning on rebuild after assessment


  • Complete plastics kit from Polisport was out of stock and radiator shrouds were okay, so I purchased both fenders, side covers and front number plate from Polisport
  • Pro-Bolt replacement bolts (only used where old stuff was not serviceable)
  • Moose Gripper Seat Cover in Black...I may change color in the future if I decide to go bling/graphics-crazy when the project is more or less complete
  • Factory-FX Shroud-only graphics, since the original shrouds are showing age (though usable)


Okay, so many out there would be swallowing their tongue at a work/shopping list of this magnitude...but I'd bet you'd find almost as many things that need touches on most private used bike purchases if one were to really dig in and look at what they purchased, even for bikes at triple what I paid (which still wouldn't be much).  Let's also be honest about these items.  Almost everything I've listed would have been done and paid for over time on this bike by someone who owned it from new.  I consider many of these to be "consumable expenses" with realistic use of a dirt bike.

So, yeah, lots to do, but I was ready and motivated. 



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