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Chapter VIII: Working on The Rider



I could tell that this bike, once done properly, should surpass me.  I also know from instinct that my kids will physically surpass me sooner than I’d expect.  There is no reason to magnify those two gaps by working with the kids, working on the bikes and not improving myself.

Years of working at a computer, sitting behind drum sets in clubs and eating the wrong things have left me beyond “pudgy.”  So, what does my personal assessment look like?

I need to shed fat, not weight.  So, as much as I know I’ll be grouchy to start, I’m going to fast, then go into a ketogenic diet.  I’ve seen it work wonders for my brother.  The concepts behind it and traditional Paleolithic diets just flat-out make sense.  For me, personally, there will be two challenge points with the diet change. 

First is my life-long sweet tooth.  Sugars are out, and the majority of sweet substitutes are neuro-chemical nightmares that still cause insulin spikes…the one thing you need to avoid with Keto.  As much as I dread the initial craving hit, it is time for me to man up and abandon the habit of sweetening stuff.  I’ll need to remind my wife and children how much I love them before I start, because they’ll likely hate me when I’m in transition.

The second diet hurdle for me will be drinking my calories.  I do not drink much alcohol (beer regularly skunks-out in my refrigerator), but I have lived an “anything but water” life.  Juices, sweetened teas, sodas, milk, junk in my coffee.  I’ll consider it a personal milestone if I can go three weeks without taking in calories from a cup.

As far as muscle goes…bulking up usually means stiffening up.  Inflexibility is the biggest inhibitor to performance, as well as the fastest route to injury.  I don’t need stronger muscles until I have longer muscles.  I’m going to start with body-weight resistance and muscle stretching exercises as taught by Matt Fury in his Combat Conditioning program, which I subscribed to at an earlier age ( fureyfaithful.com ).  I’d consider cross-fit, but I’m not a “team sports” kind of guy.  The whole crowd motivation thing is a piece that annoys me.

Once the fat is off, once the flexibility is improved and once my core strength is back up, I’ll evaluate endurance ability and consider focused cardio.  There is enough to do before I reach that point.


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