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Chapter XV: Progress, but there's always something...



This will be short on text, but will include pics of the current bike state...cleared one obstacle to reach another with King Moon Racer #1.

  • The new carb is in place, with the Y2K Boyesen Rad Valve.  Nice fit and a cleaner look to the engine.
  • New top-end is on the bike...and the compression seems crazy high when kicking it over.  Looking forward to a three-heat-cycle break in.
  • Replaced every oil seal on the engine.  It was another one of those jobs that sounds intimidating until you actually do it for the first time...this seems to be a consistent and recurring theme with almost everything on dirt bikes.
  • Adjusted the pressure plate on the Rekluse Core EXP3.0 to give myself the proper amount of play...I'll report back after a few rides on this

Now, for the hurdle...

When I got out to the bike in the morning to complete assembly, I noticed very clean oil on the garage floor under the bike.  My first thought was that I had a bad seal somewhere from my replacements, I checked the bottom of the motor, and the drain plug was wet...of course it hadn't been torqued down.  I snugged it, cleaned it and left for two hours to see if there was something else going on.

Unfortunately there was, but it wasn't what I would have thought.  More oil on the ground, but all the motor points (seals, drain, gasket surfaces) were dry.  I hopped on the saddle and felt something I never had before.  The compression stroke on the shock felt light, but that could have easily been the new valving.  The rebound told a different story.  Half-way through the rebound stroke I felt a "clunk."  Did the bounce test again with the same result.  It actually felt like a very loose bolt in the linkage or something.  A second set of eyes from a good riding friend helped me pin it down.  The base of the shock shaft was wet with very thin, very clear, new shock fluid.  The "clunk" was the shock stroking through air on the rebound until it hit the remaining oil in the shock body.  Dammit...

I'm going to assume that the shock shaft seal was damaged during assembly, even though I used a shock bullet.  For once on this project, I'm going to pay to get work done.  The shock will go to 812 suspension here in Austin for a rebuild and inspection.  I'm not going to have him revalve yet, since I just re-shimmed with a new Gold Valve as per Race Tech's specs.  However, I will let him go through and tell me what was done wrong.  This is payment for education more than anything else.

Ugh...so back to disassembly and a few more weeks before riding.  I'll keep you all posted.  In the mean time, I've attached a gallery showing the state of King Moon Racer before discovering the shock issue.


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