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About a month ago, I launched a campaign in order to bring my dirtbike film project to the masses. The name of the film is NEVER RIDE ALONE. You may have been exposed to the trailer. It should grab you tight and tease you to watch the rest. Here it is in case you missed it the first time around or want to see it again. 


This project started with a little dream and evolved into a life altering consumption of energy and dedication to reach the finish line. My hope is that this film will change your life. You don’t know me that well, maybe some of you, but I have a deep passion to lift people up to a higher level. This passion has been in the works all of my life and has reared its head many times in many ways throughout the years.

Sometimes I miss opportunities to inspire, serve, or otherwise make someone else’s life better. Sometimes I hit a home run. Regardless, I continuously face moments where the opportunity exists. I am blessed with the possibility to make the decision one way or the other.

This film is designed to inspire. The creation of the script, all the way to the individual shots that I chose are all designed to move you. Nothing was an accident. It was all purposed to stir the emotion of the viewer.

I am getting a bit philosophical here, but I think you will appreciate the film even more if you understand where the motivation to do what I did came from.

So often we go through our days and miss too many opportunities to make life better for another person. When I seize those opportunities, life happens…real and purposeful life!

As you watch the film, don’t forget that you are watching more than a cool motorcycle film. This is designed to move you. The film is designed to inspire you. It is designed to make your day better because you invested the time to take in its story.  We will all take away a different angle. However, my goal is that you walk away with bonus points to add to your day.



I need the help of the Thumpertalk community to put this film out into the world. My last post created a lot of activity, but another push is necessary.

I need partners that will watch the film, and then recommend it to those in their circles. It’s like any good bike accessory…if it’s awesome, you tell all of your buddies so they can reap the same benefits as you. Same goes with this film. If you like it then tell others about it. I believe that an organic approach to promoting this movie will work if a critical mass can be reached.

There are a couple of ways to watch the film. The most helpful is to go to the Indiegogo campaign page for the film and make a minimum donation and get a download. The funds raised will help with specific marketing and promotion costs. For example, I want to put the film in Spanish. It was filmed in Peru and I want to present this to my moto compadres down south. They want to see the film, but it is always best in your own language. The cost to put the film in Spanish is much more than I can afford on my own. So, I need your help!

Here is the link to the campaign page. https://igg.me/at/neverridealonefilm

The Indiegogo campaign will be ending soon. There are some cool perks that can be had by making a contribution. One that I will be making private for you Thumpertalk peeps is this…A custom tour package to ride in Peru for four people for four days all expenses paid(airfare not included). This includes bike, food, hotels, gas, transportation, and guide. I would be personally bringing you on the ride of your life with your buddies. The cost for this perk is $15,000. You get an amazing tour for four riders. In addition, this will also put the names of you and your buddies in the film credits. You will also receive some cool film swag. It’s something to think about! Who wouldn’t want to ride in the Andes of Peru? Besides it will certainly help out the promotion of the film. Make sure to private message me if you have any interest. I can also put a special package together to fit your group, just ask!

Another way to watch the film is to buy it on Vimeo on Demand. The film is available for download right now! Here is the link that takes you to the portal.





Once you have the film, watch it! Don’t get hung up on the fact that I was riding a Husky or a Honda, Fly or Fox, Maxxis or Pirelli. Dive into the story. Get caught up in the inspiration! Then share your experience with your riding buddies, your spouse, and your kids. It’s a message for everyone. I just use the moto as a prop…and a cool one mind you!

I will be giving away a Never Ride Alone T-shirt to one lucky person who places a review of the film on their social media. Here are the rules…Make a review and then tag me or the film in it. Make sure that people are directed to a either the Vimeo link or the campaign on Indiegogo. Then send me the review or where to find it.  I will put all of the names of those people in a drawing for a shirt. This goes for all of those that have already purchased the film as well. Good reviews and recommendations will drive this film out into the market. Please help a fellow dirtbiker!



SO there you have it. Go watch the film! Support a fellow ambassador for the sport which we all love and pass the word around with a million recommendations. It’s been a long time since the industry has presented a good moto film with a solid story. Maybe this will be a new classic. Enjoy the show!





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Clicked the "BUY NOW" button on Vimeo,

got to finish ordering supply to do the next days jobs then I'll grab myself some popcorn and enjoy!


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Awesome content in the trailer. Looking forward to seeing the whole product! (Gotta a nephew that rides his KX250 in Peru...) 


As long as it's not a vehicle for nefarious intentions...(this has happened previously.)  

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It’s swell that you have a great product but that’s only half the battle 

You need marketing and distribution too

i can be your marketing guy and Gathr seems like the obvious path on point 2

Do what you need to do to be successful 

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On 4/2/2019 at 6:48 PM, scottiedawg said:

Make sure to give us a review of the film when you are finished!

In one word; Epic!

Because of you great work Scott, I will be tired again come tomorrow morning; got to watch it again!

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