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Podcast: The Fine Line Between Achievement & Self Sacrifice

Coach Robb


Coach Robb Podcast: The Fine Line Between Achievement & Self Sacrifice

Behind every achievement in life, there has to be a commitment to the work and sweat equity necessary to complete each milestone associated with accomplishment. However, knowing when to rest, when to push moderately and when to give 100% is the million dollar question that has to be asked and answered on a daily basis to avoid crossing over that fine line into mental and physical fatigue and ultimately tapping out of the journey to reaching your fullest potential.

During this podcast, I outline how the body and the brain go round after round fighting to achieve the delicate balance of health and performance. We know that performance milestones are necessary to achieve anything great, but when is too much? And when do we have to be responsible enough to say this is adversely affecting my health? On the flip side, how do we know when it is time to really push the tissue?

Grab a couple pieces of paper and jot down some notes as I walk you through the three stages of physical adaptation, three stages of mental achievement, and how to evaluate the fine line between achievement and self sacrifice.

I wrap up the podcast by illustrating to you the long term benefits and/or costs associated with what you are doing TODAY! Listen, take some notes and start turning your daily efforts into long term success in a manner that is both healthy and sustainable.


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