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07 CRF 450R bog at times / needs throttle to start



So my 07 CRF 450R recently decided it would bog a bit soon as I would come up to a jump. It would bog for couple seconds then all of a sudden the power would come  then when I would down shift to first gear pulling up to my truck it now stalls. I had the valves readjusted by the nearest Honda dealer for $600 three years ago and really only about 80 hours on vavle adjustment and I'm know perfestional rider but I'm decent. Now to get it to start I need to give it a bit of throttle. Typically I just pulled the choke three twisted and pull it to top dead center and one good kick she would start now I need to give it slight throttle to get it to fire up. Is this a carb problem or valve problem. Please note my next bike will be fuel injection I'm so &%$#@!in done with carburetors. Fuel injection rules &%$#@! carburetors!😉once it's running it runs like a champ but at idle I need to keep giving it gas or it'll stall. I feel like it's a carburetor problem. I plan on selling the bike end of season as I'm buying a brand new fuel injection dirtbike this Christmas. Is there a fuel filter on this 07crf450r !


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