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Podcast #42 – 20 Steps to Eliminate Weaknesses

Coach Robb


Was Psychologist Abraham Maslow wrong when he created his Hierarchy of Needs?  When you look at the human race and our desire to reach our fullest potential (financially, professionally, personally and athletically) we have the flow pattern completely upside down – Maslow was correct!

When working with individuals around the world, there is one constant word that comes up when desirable goals don’t become a reality – weak.  Comments like I wasn’t “tough” enough and I “quit” – most interpret this as being “weak”.  It is actually quite the contrary. It’s not you that is “weak”. YOU had the mental toughness to make a commitment to improvement, and ultimately excellence. Most likely, the weakness is in the infrastructure that kept you from staying on track.  Grab a piece of paper – jot down these 20 steps to eliminate weaknesses and then go back and prioritize according to where you can get the most out of your efforts.

Listener questions included:

  • “How do I create balanced meals?”
  • “Can athletes perform better on a plant based diet?”
  • “Can you provide suggestions on how to set up a week of strength training without becoming burnt out and/or injured?”
  • “Should I train outdoors when the air quality is poor?”
  • “How can I improve nutritional absorption while under stressful situations?”.

20 Steps to Eliminate Weaknesses.jpg

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