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Training Experiment

Gary Semics



How will I feel on the moto bike after almost a month off. Instead of motos I've been bicycling.

As you may know from my last Blog both of my moto bikes have been down. I'm finally getting one back together and plan to ride some motos tomorrow. Up until the time I didn't have a bike to ride I was riding my normal amount. About once a week I'd ride two twenty minute motos. The last time I rode was August 17. Yes I keep a training log. On August 26 and 27th I rode a little because I had to do a lesson for a new Certified Instructor but I really don't count those two days as riding because I didn't ride enough to even begin to get tired.

In the mean time, back in May, I started Road Cycling a lot and have logged almost 600 miles. Lately I started adding mtn biking as well. I've done some upper body work also but not much. On these bicycle rides I've really been pushing hard for an average of about an hour. Two rides were 2 hours and many about 1.5 hours. I worn a heart rate monitor so I could see how hard I'm training. My average HR has been between 143 and 148. That's between 87 and 90% of my max. That's the average of the entire time.

I'm looking forward to doing some motos again to see how I feel on the bike. I'll post the results to this blog as soon as I have some news. I plan this next blog will be video.

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Talk again soon,



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