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What subjects would you like?

Gary Semics



It can be difficult at times to keep coming up with interesting content that most of you want to know about. Please comment to this blog and give me some ideas of what you'd like me to address??? Like what riding tips? Training off the bike? Diet and Nutrition? Mental Toughness? You name it, I'll cover it.

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Ride hard, ride smart,

Gary Semics

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I've occasionally taken circuit motocross riders that I met up into the San Bernardino Mountains in So. California for some really difficult black diamond single track trials type rides and they REALLY liked it.  The Malcome Smith trail is one of them.  Could you give us any tips on that kind of riding? 


Below is a recent e-mail exchange I had with a friend that includes a video of his recent trip on a section of the Malcome Smith Trail on a quad.


I've been over it a few times, both directions.  Your video started at one of the many difficult sections that amazingly, with blind luck, I've always cleared on the first try.  I wish I could say the same for the other difficult sections, LOL.  One trip we rode around (down) a couple trikes that were stuck coming up at that same video beginning spot.  Too bad videos & pictures don't show how steep the trail actually is.


Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2014 7:55 AM
Subject: Re: Roland Barry sent you a video: "Honda Pioneer 500 Extreame Rock Trail So Cal Mountains"

Yes, it had a Malcome Smith sign. I bought a 50" inch wide Honda so I could explore trails like this. I was amazed how tore up and extreme it was......beautiful area...I am surprised you recognized it....

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Sent: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 12:40 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Roland Barry sent you a video: "Honda Pioneer 500 Extreame Rock Trail So Cal Mountains"

Looks like 1W17 the Malcome Smith Trail.



Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2014 12:19 AM
Subject: Fwd: Roland Barry sent you a video: "Honda Pioneer 500 Extreame Rock Trail So Cal Mountains"

Crazy trail

Subject: Roland Barry sent you a video: "Honda Pioneer 500 Extreame Rock Trail So Cal Mountains"

Roland Barry has shared a video with you on YouTube
Honda Pioneer 500 Extreame Rock Trail So Cal Mountains

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1.) As the winter is approaching here in Sweden I would really like to know what kind of training is good when I use studded tires on my bike?

2.) There's not many motocross tracks open this time of year and when the snow covers the ground it's almost only enduro trails to go out and practice in. And that special technique that's required for riding in snow trails. How can I use that as an advantage for my motocross season?


3.) Is there any other training I can do during the winter on my bike? (I really don't like to go to the gym and work out.)
I do quite a lot of  position training on the bike in the garage but I want some speed too. :-)

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jeffecito, Those are some rocky, gnarly mountain trails. Looks like line selection and putting the front wheel right where you want it at all time would be critical. I could see the bike lines that missed the rocks altogether much of the time. Of course good balance (sitting and standing), throttle control and the brakes on downhills would also be very important. It all boils down to bike control. Which is basically the same in motocross, mastering techniques. The two main categories that all these techniques fall into are 1. Body Positions and Movements. 2. Mastering the use of all five controls; clutch, throttle, front and rear brakes and the gear shift. I realize that sounds pretty simple as riders think, well sure i know how to use the controls, but I'm not referring to just using them. I'm referring to mastering them as if they are you hands and feet. Think of it as the difference in Elton John on the piano and someone who's been playing for 2 years. The newbie knows how to use his fingers and feet to play but is far from mastering them like Elton. You don't have to be an Elton to enjoy riding these trails but going toward that direction is the way to improve.


I won't be making a video technique blogs on this particular subject but many of the motocross techniques I do post will apply.  I hope this makes sense.


Good luck and thanks for your comments,


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Rob*, In 1989 I used studded tires one winter in Ohio . It was pretty good, almost the same traction like when it was wet in the summer. When I was a teenager and staying in Ohio year round I'd still ride and race harescrambles in the winter. Many times it was on snow and ice. Ohio rules didn't allow studded tires so needless to say it was very slippery. Since you have studded tires I would say your practice strategies would pretty much be the same as other times of the year. 


Clothing is also important regarding these cold temperatures. Layering and wearing breathable clothes that wick moisture away is the way to go. Alpinestars and Fox Racewear have excellent selections. 


Good luck with your winter riding, 


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