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Must Watch Motorcycle Films!

Paul Olesen



Must Watch Motorcycle Films!

With the recent release of “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter” and “Moto 6” I thought now would be a good time to introduce you all to a few motorcycle films that had a big influence on me as I was getting into this glorious sport.

First I want to introduce you to “One Man’s Dream” which documents John Britten’s life and his effort to compete in world class road racing. Britten designed and built his own engine and racing bike with the help of his friends in New Zealand. The bikes were successfully raced all over the world up until the point when Britten became sick and passed away. The Britten motorcycle was on its way to becoming a production bike. The film does a great job documenting the triumphs and failures of the Britten team and will instantly have you hooked as you get a front row seat to the design, manufacturing techniques, and testing stages of the bike not often seen first hand!


If you enjoy the documentary I would recommend reading the book “John Britten” by Tim Hanna which chronicles John’s journey in a much more detailed way. While the movie depicts John as a national hero the book reveals some of John’s quirky traits, business dealings, and definitely paints a different picture about him than what you see in the film.

The next film I want to introduce you to is “Love, Speed, and Loss”. This film documents Kim Newcombe’s journey to 1970’s road racing excellence. Kim is one of my role models and was a true outside-the-box thinker. Kim’s ability to mate a Konig four cylinder 500cc two-stroke outboard engine to a road racing chassis lead to his success and renown in the industry. Kim tragically passed away much too early and his full potential may never have been reached.

Click Here to Watch "Love, Speed, and Loss" for Free on NZ Television.

Most of you have probably heard of “World’s Fastest Indian” by now, but it is still an awesome film and worth a mention. Follow along with Burt Munroe as he sets out for Bonneville from New Zealand in an effort to set new land speed records. Burt’s “never give up” attitude and DIY mentality will instantly have you hooked as he tries to conquer records.

TT3D” - For those of you that aren’t familiar with real road racing this is a must watch! This documentary features Guy Martin, a British road racer and truck mechanic, who tackles the Isle of Man TT course every year in search of victory. With racing occurring primarily in Ireland this is one of the oldest and most dangerous forms of road racing and definitely worth checking out.

On Any Sunday” - I urge you to revisit a classic before or after watching the new release of “The Next Chapter”. This film is an all around great documentary for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Click Here to Watch "On Any Sunday" for Free on Hulu

I hope you guys enjoy my favorite motorcycle films as much as I do. If you have more awesome films you are addicted to that I didn’t mention leave a comment, drop a link, and share them with us!

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Just went to a screening of the John Penton Story, and it was great. An amazing man with a passion and love for two wheels.


The trailer looks awesome, I'm going to have to see this soon! Thanks for sharing.

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