2016 Beta 250RR fully kitted low hours

2016 Beta 250RR fully kitted low hours


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The Beta 250RR is a premium Italian enduro bike with a slightly lower seat height than KTM and excellent handling and power. The 250 has awesome low end torque and still revs higher than a 300, allowing for more usable range of power and actually less need to short shift the bike. Plus it has less rotating mass in the engine so the handling feels more nimble. Design features and mods of this very clean well maintained bike: 

Electronic Variable Oil Injection design, no mixing of fuel required! The oil tank holds enough for up to 3 tanks of gas.

Dual Ignition Map soft and hard power curves

Adjustable Power Valve; can completely change the power characteristics from linear to a distinct hit (which is easy to predict and ride thru). I have the soft map + distinct hit tuned via the power valve ( a simple hex head bolt adjustable without removing any cover). This combo makes for plenty of grunt in the woods, but not so much that the throttle is jerky. then when the trail opens up you have the awesome power up top when the power value opens up.

Suspension revalved and resprung by Stillwell (The Beta experts) for 190 lb rider. 

Rekluse 3.0 Core EXP Clutch: top line of the auto clutch, is a magical addition that makes any ride better. can still use clutch manually to pop over obstacles etc. 

Full off road protection:
Aluminum Pipe guard
Acerbis Hand guards
Rear disk guard
EE skid plate
BRP radiator guards
Clutch Slave guard with brush bar

Ox Brake Left Hand Rear Brake; simple cable system to operate brake with foot or hand
Beta Fork Bleeders
Larger kickstand foot to not sink in the mud

Goldentyre Fatty front tire; unmatched traction
Shinko 520 rear tire; recommended with Tubliss system
Tubliss system Front and Rear: dramatically improves traction; can run much lower pressure safely and maintain much better flat protection, also with lighter weight than HD tubes. You can run safely on a flat tire back to the truck due to this design

PLUS: Registered and Plated in Missouri. Along with the oil injection you can dual sport this bike and fill up along the way without having to mix oil. It will maintain 65 mph with stock gearing and still crawl in the technical sections. (lights removed currently. Horn retained so you can honk to alert slower riders in the woods :) )

All Extras 
Stock skid plate, DOT Michelin tires
(oil tank currently removed)

Bike is maintained regularly. Steering, swingarm and linkage bearing greased with Bel-Ray waterproof grease. Fresh Rotella in gearbox. No Toil air filter oil used. Extra Twin air filter included

Parts are reasonable and very easy to get. 285 miles, 18hrs

This bike is ready to roll: race, trail or dual sport. It is set up perfectly and better than new with Rekluse, suspension, Tubliss LHRB and all the protection parts.

Kansas City, Missouri - United States

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